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December 3rd, 2018

Chaince launches its API for automated transaction access solutions for Chaince exchange users. The API allows users to quickly get updated market prices, place orders, check available and frozen funds, query pending orders, buy or sell tokens, and withdraw orders.
~ Chaince’s EOS Global Hackathon grand finale kicks off in Cape Town, South Africa. The top prize of $500,000 will be awarded to a winner at the end of the week, among 19 finalist teams competing from around the world.

The EOS public blockchain holds the top spot on Blocktivity, signaling a healthy amount of daily average users and real transaction usage on the platform.
~ Blocktivity

December 4th, 2018

Huobipool is launching the Huobi EOS Exchange and Global Decentralized Incubator, which will provide EOS-related financial services and dapp incubation services, respectfully.
~ Huobi

Dan Larimer writes “Innovating in the Open”, a response to the backlash due to his public ideating about a new cryptocurrency, stirring up uncertainty in the community about whether or not he plans to stop working on EOS to work on a new coin. Larimer reiterates that’s focus and dedication as a team can only be described as “all in”.
~ Dan Larimer

Chintai voter proxy activation goes live with 16 possible votes for block producers at the start. Proxy managers deliberate and release additional votes and a formal application process will be released in the future.
~ Chintai

December 5th, 2018

EOS wallet developer altShiftDev surveys top block producers, reporting on their break-even point, expenditures, and earnings from block rewards and other sources.
~ altShiftDev

WORBLI partners with Interblockchain for cross-blockchain payments and trading solutions. Interblockchain’s goal is to bring blockchain-based transactions mainstream.

Emanate’s Music Month on Trybe winners are announced, each creating content for the Emanate music blockchain, and receiving 2500 MN8 tokens as a reward.
~ Emanate

New tests on the Jungle Testnet using different transaction types and global configuration options achieve higher TPS than mainnet. Ongoing tests on the Jungle Testnet help EOS developers evaluate how to best optimize the network for transaction throughput.
~ Jungle Testnet

December 6th, 2018

EOSIO releases version 1.5.0, changing the whitelist/blacklist functionality, adding multi-threaded transaction/block key recover, adding cleos helper commands, enhancements to multisig, and adding the state history plugin.

WORBLI partners with Australian EOS block producers EOSphere, the pair aim to use their combined resources to expand WORBLI influence throughout the Asia Pacific region.

CryptoLions publish an in-depth analysis of the Jungle Testnet stress test executed this week to demonstrate 9179 TPS at maximum. Further explained within the report are block producer machine specs and a detailed testing journal.
~ CryptoLions

MyWish makes a move to launch a partner program, offering two options of integration: developing and providing partners with the MyWish API, or installing a button that redirects users to the MyWish smart contract platform.
~ MyWish

December 7th, 2018

Crypto Lions added several new features to the EOS Network Monitor web application, namely an animated logo, a human-readable interface, transaction lookup, and an EOS price chart.
~ CryptoLions

EOS Guardian, an EOS smart contract aiming to provide safer fund management with proper permission settings, is deployed by EOSLaoMao. Users can use permission settings to cap transfers and add blacklists or whitelists, which decreases their risk of fund losses.
~ EOS Guardian

ITAM Network introduces EOS-based mobile RPG’s BLUEDAWN gameplay trailer. With the help of blockchain technology, users can trade acquired items straight from the game.
~ BLUEDAWN | Telegram | Reddit | Twitter

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