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November 12th

Brendan Blumer, CEO of Block.one, talks about the $4b EOS ICO on Bloomberg TV. Blumer talks about the $1b commitment to EOS VC and encouraging user adoption of dapps on the platform by investing in infrastructure.
~ Block.one

EOS Costa Rica launches EOS local, a quick and efficient way to setup and maintain a local environment for development working out-of-the-box across platforms.
~ EOS Costa Rica

The EOS hackathon kicks off with Block.one’s #EOSHackathon challenge: “Build an #EOSIO application that fosters a fundamental competitive advantage by implementing a business model that aligns interests amongst stakeholders and/or drives more value back to users.”
~ Block.one

EOS processes over 4 million real transactions in 24 hours, excluding spam transactions, a new all-time-high for EOS
~ EOS Community Forum

US dollar pegged stablecoin CarbonUSD, backed by Nevada-based Prime Trust bank, goes live as the first stablecoin on the EOS mainnet. “Stablecoins are critical infrastructure for value and we think providing this to EOS further enhances the ecosystem.” – Sam Trautwein, CEO of Carbon
~ Carbon

November 13th
The San Francisco EOS hackathon closing ceremony video has been published to YouTube. The hackathon final rankings were also released. First Place winner ($100,000): Team NouGit. Second Place winner ($25,000): Pollinate, Third Place winner ($10,000): Six Degrees.
~ Block.one

Chain Partners releases a video of dapp presentations from EOS DApp Festa in Seoul, EOSYS x KOREOS, from October 30th 2018.
~ Chain Partners

eosDublin’s “Stop the Madness” Medium post serves as a guide to avoiding poor decision making when deciding whether or not to back new ICO projects.
~ eosDublin

November 14th

Ben Sigman writes a complete review of the SF EOS Hackathon from the perspective of a mentor, including photos of the event, and detailing the 26 hours of work done by each project.
~ Ben Sigman

Cypherglass head of technology Ross Holeman leads a presentation on the Cypherglass independent infrastructure at the EOS Portland meet up with eosDublin.
~ Cypherglass

Brock Pierce interview by Breaker magazine hits the web, detailing his involvement in cryptocurrency. Brock says “what we’re attempting to do is a bit crazy”.
~ Brock Pierce

EOS Summit releases a spotlight on WORBLI and Chintai with footage of WORBLI CEO Domenic Thomas and a review of the Chintai token leasing system.
~ EOS Summit

November 15th

Bloks.io launches full referendum support on their block explorer page, including features for filtering, creating, and viewing proposals as well as viewing current proposal status and total votes.
~ Bloks.io

Serg Metelin, head of developer relations at Block.one, highlights the benefits blockchain can bring to data security in an Info Security Group Magazine article. “A world bolstered by blockchain technology heralds a re-engineered digital landscape in which security and transparency are integral.” – Metelin
~ Block.one

Eva’s co-founders present their EOS-based ride sharing app at Université Laval in Quebec City.
~ Eva

Github user arhag submits a pull request which will expand the subjective enforcement of white/black lists to inline actions and deferred transactions. Pending review, the modification will allow BPs to execute arbitration orders while at the same time not needing to remove any blacklisted accounts from blacklists until it is the appropriate time for the account to no longer be blacklisted.

Costa Crypto interviews WORBLI CEO Domenic Thomas about the future of Worbli, the share drop, new block producers, and other questions relating to the WORBLI project.
~ Costa Crypto

November 16th

Brendan Blumer, Block.one CEO, makes a statement claiming EOS was created “working backwards from the needs of those wanting to release demanding decentralized applications”, and that developers are more focused on delivering working code than debating about the definition of blockchain.
~ Block.one

Lumeos launches its beta mobile app on the Apple Store and Google Play store. Users can earn cryptocurrency by taking quizzes and importing their Facebook, Twitter, and Google data for monetization.
~ Lumeos

WORBLI launches their token sale on the Chainrift exchange, with several tiers of pricing, starting at $0.05 and working up to $0.10 per WBI token.

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