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November 19th, 2018

Mythical Games raises $16m in a funding round led by Galaxy Digital’s EOS VC fund and OKCoin. The game studio, started by Activision alum, plans to use the EOS blockchain to build games.
~ Mythical Games launches a black friday offer, giving away free EOS accounts for users swapping any crypto to EOS between November 19th and 25th.
~ Changelly

MediShares introduces MathWallet, a crypto version of AliPay, where users can pay for anythting using their wallet. As of right now, MathWallet supports paying cell phone bills in EOS.
~ MediShares

November 20th, 2018

The EOS Jungle testnet will launch its version 2.0 on Friday, November 23rd. In addition, EOS Costa Rica and Cryptolions have released a new website for the Jungle testnet as well as a website and discord channel as resources for technical users.
~ Jungle Testnet

Aurora EOS writes an opinion article against mandatory arbitration on EOS, claiming the system goes against the decentralized nature of EOS, and questioning how effectively it can scale to a worldwide blockchain with millions of users filing disputes.
~ Aurora EOS’s EOS hackathon isn’t over yet: finalists will compete for a $500,000 prize in the “EOS Grand Finale” held in Cape Town, South Africa, on December 7th.

Murmur, the decentralized microblogging platform, launches a paypal-accepting EOS account signup process through their app.
~ Murmur

November 21st, 2018

EOSIO version 1.5.0 release candidate launches with multithreaded signature verification, a state history plugin, and additional blacklist security features.

EOS Canada releases a guide for developers examining the EOS blockchain, explaining the names and functions of each of the eosio system accounts.
~ EOS Canada

EOS REX, the decentralized resource exchange, posts an update on their current status. The update adds the concept of maturity to REX purchases, mandates REX participants vote on 21 block producers, and adds stability features for REX incentive mechanisms.

Ucommunity, a blockchain-based social network, opens their alpha website for user registration. Ucommunity, an EOS sister chain, chose EOS Nation as their first testnet block producer.
~ EOS Nation

Sense Chat, a decentralized crypto-enabled messenger with video chat, begins inviting users to beta test its app.
~ Sense Token

November 22nd, 2018

EOS Authority launches an initiative to get the entire EOS blockchain to go green, by offsetting block producer carbon footprints through collaboration with ClimateCare. As of right now, 238 out of 562 tonnes of carbon have been offset, the goal to go 100% green by November 30th.
~ EOS Authority

Popular hardware wallet Ledger integrates EOS into its devices thanks to a Cypherglass bounty. Ledger integration gives EOS users another secure way to store their keys.
~ Ledger

WORBLI officially launches their new website, including a portal where users can KYC their accounts using various forms of identification, and claim sharedrop tokens from their EOS snapshot on September 7th.

November 23rd, 2018

Cryptolions announces the EOS Jungle Testnet going live today at 16:20 UTC. The current testnet, “Jungle Classic”, will be paused and available for reading until the end of 2018. Testnet users will get 8kb of RAM, and will need to update their chain ID, endpoint URLs, and wallet configurations.
~ Cryptolions

Nebula introduces the Nebula protocol for additional features built on top of EOS, including a standard for multi-wallet integration, smart contract auditing, and developer tools.
~ Nebula

The latest #BuiltOnEOSIO spotlight highlights ID PASS’s EOS-based self-sovereign identity protocol. “ID PASS is a sustainable open-source digital identity solution designed for governments and humanitarian organizations. Self-sovereign identity could open doors to healthcare, banking, education and justice for millions”.

EOSPark’s API, allowing developers to write EOS applications without deploying nodes, gets an upgrade with new HTTPS and WebSocket endpoints.
~ EOSPark

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