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November 26th, 2018

Dan Larimer, CTO, weighs in on the effect of falling EOS prices on block producer profitibility. “Regarding falling producer pay, producers should have secondary businesses which offset some of the costs. Relying solely on inflation income makes a producer less resilient.”
~ Dan Larimer

HireVibes, the blockchain-based crowdsourcing job board, releases a walkthrough video of their user interface prototype.
~ HireVibes

Dunya Labs hosts a hackathon for EOS developres in Bangalore, India. The top prize of $1000 was split between two teams, team BNFT and team Cheap Onions.
~ Dunya Labs

November 27th, 2018

Scatter desktop users are urged to update their wallet app immediately due to a critical security bug found by the Greymass team.
~ Scatter

WORBLI announces a partnership with identity verification provider Onfido to facilitate on-boarding of people and services to the WORBLI network with AML/KYC verification.

Ucommunity users are now able to influence the community and blockchain by voting for block producers within the Ucommunity web application.
~ Ucommunity

EOS Asia announces a release of 100 free EOS accounts to their community members today on Telegram at 5PM UTC.
~ EOS Asia

Emanate begins its artist development program to encourage artists to sign up for their platform. Emanate will allocate funds from their rewards pool to build the framework needed to allow artists to succeed on their platform.
~ Emanate

November 28th, 2018

Crypto Lions releases v2.0 of their EOS Network monitor, adding actual/expected income for block producers, public endpoints, RAM info, and more statistics and features.
~ Crypto Lions

EOS New York pens an EOS User Agreement v2.0 for the community to decide whether or not to adopt it as the new EOS constitution. It is a proposal for a new EOS mainnet rule set, a template to build from, and not to be submitted in this format as a referendum.
~ EOS New York announces a new type of explorer for EOS: an EOS account explorer, allowing anyone to search EOS accounts by keywords, creators, and groups.
~ EOS Tree

November 29th, 2018

Dan Larimer, CTO, is set to deliver a lecture “Why Blockchain” at Virginia Tech at 7pm EST tonight. The lecture topic is the possibilities of blockchain, and the goal is to expand basic understanding of the technology and how it impacts business models. The event is free, open to the public, and will include a Q&A session after the lecture.

EOS Costa Rica launches EOS Rate, a block producer rating system dapp. The criteria for ratings are: transparency, infrastructure, testnets, community, and tooling. Each rating is displayed in a graphical UI with a radial graph. In the future, EOS Rate will include ratings for proxies, wallets, and dapps.
~ EOS Rate

Chintai releases a plan for proxy voting on its platform, using tokens held on users’ behalf for voting on block producers. The procedure for Chintai’s proxy voting system is laid out in their governance plan, “Framework for Governing the Chintai Proxy”.
~ Chintai

EOS Asia discontinues its History API from the public API endpoint due to cost concerns. The History API is still available from partner block producers at and
~ EOS Asia

November 30th, 2018

dfuse streaming EOS API now supports the EOS testnet Jungle 2.0. A visual representation of Jungle 2.0 can be found on the eosq block explorer page and the dfuse API can be consumed as a REST or WebSocket API.
~ dfuse

EOSYS’s dapp contest to reward dapp development on the EOS blockchain closes for submitting new projects today. The competition is not specific to a topic: any topic such as games, education, social networking, transportation, and the arts are welcome.

Aurora EOS launches the EOS Voter Podcast, focused on exploring the most pressing issues facing the EOS ecosystem. Each episode will focus on a single subject featuring a guest with expertise in that area. Topics will include scaling, governance, arbitration, voting, dapps, enterprise adoption, and more.
~ Aurora EOS | Telegram | Reddit | Twitter

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