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EOS Headline – November 5th, 2018

Scatter announces the release of Scatter 9.6.0, making the app faster and easier to use.
~ Scatter

The WORBLI blockchain goes live with 21 block producers and 11 in reserve, their code on github, and a fully functional block explorer.

David Moss, former SVP of Tech at Block.one, talks on stage at Block Con 2018 in Santa Monica, California. Moss’s talk covers inter-blockchain communication (IBC), enterprise blockchain applications, and blockchain governance.

EOS Canada builds a searchable database to help visualize microforks in the EOS blockchain.
~ EOS Canada

This week’s Cypherglass weekly update covers their status as a block producer, a new chain state DB script, optimizations, changes to their website, and more.
~ Cypherglass

EOS Headline – November 6th, 2018

Bancor launches BancorX on EOS, allowing conversion of ETH to EOS, converting EOS tokens, and moving BNT between Ethereum and EOS using their decentralized exchange.
~ Bancor

A study comparing EOS and ETH dapp statistics through November shows 67% growth in EOS dapps on DappRadar, up from 75 last month to 125 now. There are also 10 dapps with over 1,000 daily active users on EOS, while ETH dapps continue to stagnate in user count and activity.
~ Trybe

Telos releases a statement detailing the no-go decision on their mainnet launch, due mostly to missing features, including the option to remove non-producing block producers, governance regarding Telos Foundation, implementing new smart contract types, and re-writing block producer configuration for on-chain governance.
~ Telos

EOS Asia interviews Joseph Fanelli, co-founder of EOS Asia, and Myra Wang, part of the EOS alliance. The interviews focus on the Chinese community and the importance of their role in the worldwide EOS ecosystem.
~ EOS Asia

HKEOS, EOSYS, and EOS Cannon announce the official DApp Incubation Association to help dapp developers with publicity and finding investors.
~ EOS Cannon

HireVibes completes their airdrop to EOS token holders and releases their prototype app for Scatter wallet users. The prototype app is currently available on the HireVibes website.
~ HireVibes

EOS Headline – November 7th, 2018

Coinbase’s chief legal and risk officer Mike Lempres, Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz, High Fidelity founder Philip Rosedale, and Edelman VP Margot Edelman are set to judge Block.one’s EOS hackathon in San Francisco.
~ Block.one

Blockhead Capital, a member of the EOSVibes block producer candidate, announces their proposal for a new EOS constitution to govern the use and maintenance of the EOS Network. The constitution intends to serve as “the ultimate protection of rights for citizens of the EOS digital nation”.
~ Blockhead Capital

Costa Crypto interviews Greymass block producer on a variety of topics, including: why they chose to be a block producer, the current state of the Greymass wallet, referendum tools, smart contracts, adoption, dapps, API tools, and more.
~ Costa Crypto

HelloEOS launches DAppCPU, a website providing free CPU for dapps on the EOS network. DAppCPU is yet another community-driven solution to the CPU bottleneck caused by the recent uptick of EOS dapps and daily active users on the network.
~ DApp CPU

EOS Headline – November 8th, 2018

A proposal to increase the threshold for CPU usage on the network has been approved by 15 of the 21 block producers. The change, along with additional upcoming optimizations to the EOS core code, should help alleviate CPU congestion on the network.
~ EOS Authority

EOSVotes.io launches a referendum tool, allowing EOS token holders to cast votes and access information about votes being held, making the voting process more accessible to the general public.
~ EOSVotes.io

The first article of EOS FOR IDIOTS is published on hackernoon, with a how-to guide on EOS wallets and BancorX, including a video and plain English description of the process of using Bancor’s new exchange platform.

EOS Headline – November 9th, 2018

Trybe surpasses 10,000 users on its platform as daily active user counts within the EOS dapp ecosystem continue to climb.
~ Trybe.one

EOS Canada releases the version v1.1.0 of their eosc command-line tool. The update includes a better layout, additional features and commands, and support for eosio.forum referendums.
~ EOS Canada

Block.one kicks off the EOS hackathon starting this weekend on Saturday, November 10th. All tickets are currently sold out for the event.
~ Block.one

Telos publishes its weekly report, detailing the reasoning behind their delayed launch, current progress towards reaching their goals, and a partnership with swap.online for atomic swaps.
~ Telos

Block.one president Rob Jesudason explains why he thinks EOS will be the bank-killer app by providing systems that improve security and trust within financial applications.
~ Block.one

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