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EOS Headline – October 29th, 2018

GenerEOS publishes an article comparing the current state of DApps on Ethereum and EOS, finding EOS DApps have much higher in total volume and in number of unique users.~ GenerEOS

Rami James, Design Lead for popular EOS wallet Scatter, continues his community feedback-driven UI redesign.~ Scatter

Jarib from HorusPay takes a quick look at the basic functionality of the Horus pay portal on EOS. HorusPay aims to develop an international payment portal where people can easily and affordably manage employees.~ CostaCrypto

Trybe TV interviews Dr. Isaac Balbin on the tokenomics of Parsl, a medical cannabis supply chain on EOS.~ Trybe TV

“The launch of [the CryptoPix] beta version is planned on 31 Oct. The goal of this beta version is to show how it works, but will be far from the final version of the game that will be launched later.” – Marvet~ CryptoPIX

The COART whitepaper is now available. COART, a co-investment platform for art assets, will also update its roadmap on Tuesday, October 30th, with information about the possibility of participating in the investment.~ COART

EOS Headline – October 30th, 2018

EOS New York launches EOS Easy Contract (EEC), a software suite making it easy for Windows developers to deploy contracts on EOS. EEC allows EOS developers to get started writing a smart contract using Visual Studio Code in minutes without having to compile any software.~ EOS New York

Trybe officially partners with WORBLI to provide information on the developments of their EOS sister chain. Brooke Munson, Marketing Operations Manager from WORBLI, says “Trybe has been an invaluable contributor to the WORBLI community, now it is time to work closer with Trybe, and provide a platform to engage our ever growing audience around the world.”~ Trybe

EOSTitan launches DelphiOracle, a contract acting as a multi-party source of truth, designed to provide the near-realtime price of the EOS/USD pair to other smart contracts or to external users.~ EOS Titan

Cypherglass starts a #HallowEOS pumpkin carving contest (ending on October 31st) where pumpkins are carved with the EOS logo in many shapes and sizes. The #HallowEOS hashtag is trending on cryptotwitter featuring photos and videos of the pumpkin art.~ Twitter

Lumeos launches a meme contest starting on November 1st, and ending a week later, on November 12th. Winners are eligible earn up to 2000 LUME as a prize in the contest.~ Lumeos

SVK Crypto London, in association with EOS 42, create their largest event to date in an open panel discussion with industry blockchain leaders.~ SVK

EOSDAQ presents today at the EOS DApp Festa in Seoul, the first blockchain conference hosted by Seoul Metropolitan Government.~ EOSDAQ

EOS Headline – October 31st, 2018

WORBLI launches tomorrow, November 1st, 2018. The 21 block producers will begin producing blocks, the WORBLI custom code will be made open source, and a block explorer will be available. EOS mainnet token holders can claim their WORBLI tokens from the sharedrop on November 8th.~ WORBLI

eosDAC Vietnam releases a teaser video of their new token explorer, featuring token activity and transfer information.~ eosDAC Vietnam

Costa Crypto interviews Ross from EOSphere, discussion topics include EOS, mining, WORBLI, Chintai, and Emanate.~ Costa Crypto

Chaince posts its October end-of-month operation report, enumerating the number of airdrops supported, new listings, product technology progress, and other operation data.~ Chaince

EosRoyale DApp hacked, losing a total of 11,000 EOS ($60,000) from its operational wallet. The dApp had a vulnerability in its randomization function, which was based on previous block hashes, allowing the attacker to pre-calculate the result of a dice roll.~ EOS Royale

EOS Nation set to vote go/no-go tomorrow on a beta release of eosvotes.io, a tool adding features to allow EOS holders to vote on proposals with their staked tokens.~ EOS Nation

EOS Headline – November 1st, 2018

BlockMatrix launches an EOS API Proxy, “a fundamental building block for all dApp developers, helping abstract away the complexities of communicating with the EOS blockchain into a single API host.”~ BlockMatrix

Trybe.one user Zutto writes a comprehensive list of dApps that offer passive EOS income from staking, referrals, and dividends.~ Zutto

Peer-to-peer token leasing platform Chintai, suffering a slew of bugs and downtime since its release last month, releases a memo detailing the issues and the steps taken to solve them. “The setbacks we’ve encountered have yielded invaluable learning experiences that will result in a more robust and reliable user experience.”~ EOS42

EOS NodeOne kicks off its World Interview Series, starting with an interview with the block producer Starteos from Chengdu, China.~ EOS NodeOne

0xGames releases its first EOS EOS-powered game, 0xWarriors, a web-based multiplayer battler.~ 0xGames

YouTuber Coin Talks Crypto launches an EOS block producer rank tracker, blockproducers.info, in a new episode of the Coin Talks Crypto YouTube channel.~ Coin Talks Crypto

FreedomProxyEOS, a free market aligned EOS voter proxy, officially launches their website freedomproxy.org.~ FreedomProxyEOS

EOS Detroit releases its weekly information & research report, The Weekly Airdrop, covering EOS’s dApp ecosystem, the Pixel Master jackpot hit, Eva’s Montreal beta launch, Elemental Battles, and more.~ EOS Detroit

Bug bounty platform Bounty One provides a collection of common EOS smart contract pitfalls, including code examples and solutions to those problems.~ Bounty One

EOS Headline – November 2nd, 2018

EOS Nation votes no-go on a beta release of eosvotes.io, a tool adding features to allow EOS holders to vote on proposals with their staked tokens. The next vote is scheduled for Tuesday, November 6th.~ EOS Nation

Aurora EOS releases an article explaining the difference between sidechains and sister chains in the EOS ecosystem, with examples of each, and a technical comparison between the two concepts.~ Aurora EOS

EOS exchange Chaince holds a two-hour Telegram AMA with its CEO Peter Wu.~ Chaince

The HireVibes (HVT) airdrop will be allocated to EOS holders with a balance of 1 or more EOS on exchanges Chaince, BigONE, EOSex, TokenBank, and Hanbitco. The HireVibes blockchain snapshot takes place on November 4th and the airdrop is set for November 5th.~ HireVibes

eosDublin writes an opt-ed with their thoughts on what needs to change regarding governance and asset management within the EOS ecosystem.~ eosDublin

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