Let me start this by bringing up a not so popular name nowadays. James Henry Clark. An American entrepreneur that had his first 3 start-up companies to reach over a Billion dollars in market cap. A more popular name that has recently reached this feat is Elon Musk, which as we all know, is the man behind Tesla. Now can anybody guess what is the name in the Blockchain world that has achieved this same status? That’s right, Daniel Larimer. Ex founder and CEO of Birshares and Steemit, Dan is now the CTO of Block.One, with his most recent project the EOSIO Open Source Software.

There was a level of uncertainty within the community regarding the first ever 1 yearlong ICO, but we did it. A Success!!! 4 Billion Dollars raised and finally its launched. The EOS Global Hackathon events have brought developers from around the world to build and deploy apps for cash prizes. Many of us can’t personally check how amazing this EOSIO software is to build on, but when we see consensus on the web, and the DApps being developed, then perhaps this Mr Larimer is the man we should all place our bets on.

Now for those that are EOS holders from the genesis snapshot, you might only have one regret. Not having bought more. We have had a variety of tokens airdropped since then, and the new apps and tools we now have, allows us to take more up to date snapshots so that the new members of the community can also part take with the freebies. Here is a list of airdrops (some still claimable) for those interested: https://www.eosdocs.io/resources/airdrops/

The EOSIO is an operation-system like construct upon which applications can be built. The EOS Mainnet was the first blockchain launched by consensus within the community with many other blockchains to come.

Douglas Horn is the man behind The Telos Foundation, another blockchain project that will be deployed on the EOSio. He and his team have made some small changes and adaptations from the EOS Mainnet, some of which have made many of us look forward to this launch just like we did for the first chain.

Telos has a variety of partners and it will also have airdrops on its own chain soon to be deployed. On its chain, it has strategically removed the power from the wales by capping the airdrop at 40k TLOS. In fact, they will even be creating a process for exchange addresses to petition the BPs to create TLOS tokens for their EOS snapshot owners by listing and distributing TLOS tokens (up to 40,000per account holder as well).

Unlike it on Mainnet, Telos has adopted an equal payment structure for all the BP’s, the ram speculation problem has been solved and low cost for those wanting to deploy DApps are some of Telos relevant changes. One could go as far as saying that these changes are “fixes” from system shortcomings on the EOS Mainnet. Another super interesting thing on Telos whitepaper is that the TLOS token supply will be between one-fifth and one-third that of EOS, and the Telos network should be as good as, or better than EOS. Now if that doesnt get one excited, I dont know what would.

Here is the link to the Telos whitepaper: https://resources.telosfoundation.io/wp_master/telos_white_paper_english.pdf

Another blockchain that stems from the EOSio open source software is Worbli. An enterprise blockchain platform that seamlessly brings together users, developers and businesses. Domenic Thomas (CEO of Worbli) has an outstanding knowledge in this area and together with his team, they have developed a fully programmable blockchain ecosystem with layers of pre-programed functionalities, helping developers to deploy their DApps.

Problems like fiat to crypto conversion, dealing with exchanges and its fees, managing wallets and private keys among others, still seem to be a stumbling block for the crypto mass adoption. Worbli comes to solve this. Its the bridge that we hope will make the global blockchain technology a must for most people in the years to come.

One very interesting application committed to launch on the Worbli Network is Gamma. A fiat and digital currency bank providing checking accounts, debit cards, trading, + more. Designed to eliminate the barriers to entry for the average user, Gamma Bank will facilitate the safe storage, trade and exchange of digital assets and fiat currencies.

Surepeer and at least another 20 different dapps are in various stages of development/partnership right now for this chain. These projects that go from insurance, personal banking, various wallets, charity, payments etc. will soon be launched on Worbli

Here is the Link to their whitepaper: https://www.worbli.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/worbli-whitepaper.pdf

Last but not least on this article we have Evolution. This seems to be the least popular of the 3 and its airdrop was still an ERC-20 token. Evolution will be a community driven chain, which aims to structure votes and evenly distribute tokens to ensure true decentralization. A technical white paper is said to be out soon.

According to Evolution on Telegram, a wide variety of projects are interested in building on their chain. DApps ranging from lending protocols, to IoT ecosystems are expected to make formal announcements in the next couple of months.

Now to the layman like me, think about the EOS.io as a root from a tree. The trunk then comes as the block producers, gather together to reach consensus and launch blockchains on this frame. The first branch(blockchain) was named EOS Mainnet. We now also have Telos, Worbli and Evolution(and many more to come). Out of each of these, a bunch of other smaller branches spring out being the airdrops. Each with the potential to become multi million if not billion dollar companies we so hope. Imo, this does seem too good to be true. The fact that a 1 thousand dollars invested on EOS in June last year when it was $0.50 per coin, could make one a millionaire in the soon future is hard to believe… Or are we all deluded?

The point of this article is not to compare side chains but rather inform and educate the ones still beginning to learn about EOS. I made that clear in the title and did not use click bait. I am a Dental Care Professional / Libertarian EOS.io enthusiast, and will apologize in advance for any wrong technical information provided here. Constructive comments will be appreciated.

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  1. Littleboy

    > Ex founder and CEO of Birshares and Steemit, Dan is now the CTO of Block.One, with his most recent project the EOSIO Open Source Software.

    That’s not true. He wasn’t the founder and CEO of Steemit. He was a contracted developer for Steem Inc.

  2. Andrey

    Today, a huge number of projects are rippling before our eyes, and it is difficult to determine which ones actually work and which do not.
    This project, judging by the results of this work, can show excellent results.