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If you are here, I assume you know the basics of EOS Knights, that cool idle game where you can farm items for the sake of farming even more items by getting your team stronger. With the Android app supposed to get released in the upcoming week, it’s a good time to boost your team and get ready to welcome new players with fresh loots on sale.

Here are a few tips and some theorycraft I can share with you to help you make better decisions and thus improve your overall efficiency.

Rebirth (and loot system)

The main action of the whole game is to make your heroes respawn. While it is mandatory to continue your journey whenever your heroes die, you can do it at any time as long as it’s been 2 minutes since the last time. This command has 3 effects : refill your heroes’ lifebars to 100%, take the nomber of monsters they’ve killed into account, and cash in items they’ve collected (plus a bit of magic water).

While your decisions to rebirth based on the 2 first effects are pretty obvious (dead heroes or level-up bars almost full), the 3rd one is not. As I understand it, the way items are generated work like this : you can grab up to 3 items per run because each heroes has its own slot (let’s say his/her backpack). Every time a monster is killed, there is a chance he or she gets something. Given the low lootrate bonus you can get from floors and luck, it’s safe to assume your current lootrate is somewhere around 25-30%. It means that every hero loots a new item every 3-4 kills in average. My guess is that collecting a new item when you already have one (in the invisible “backback”) discards the cheapest one, effectively making your final loot more valuable as time passes. But somehow it can be sub-optimal since tons of items are discarded in the process; that’s why I used to spam rebirth. By doing so, you get 3 materials every 2 minutes, at the cost of lowering slightly your chances to get better ones (since your lose the floor bonus, and miss a few kill when damaged orcs are reset). Rebirth, trash your materials (do it in batches once your inventory is full, to save a bit of CPU usage), repeat. This tradeoff can be a viable strategy if you want to farm magic water, but at some point it can hurt the quality of your loots. Your heroes have a chance to loot green-tier items from floor 40+, so once you’re able to survive until there I’d recommand to let them go as far as they can to seek very valuable items.


The most common decision you have to take (especially in the early game) is “which stat do I chose ?”. Here’s what you gain from each stat :

  • Attack : looting speed, max floor/run, XP speed, max XP/run
  • Defense : max floor/run, max XP/run
  • HP : max floor/run, max XP/run
  • Luck : looting speed

It is pretty obvious that attack beats everything and is a no-brainer. HP and defense have the same effect (extending each run’s max duration), but HP seems to work more efficiently for some reasons. All stats synergize with each other, so at one point you can’t just have 2000 attack and 200 HP, it’s less effective than having 1800 attack and 400 hp for mathematical reasons. So you may want to to build attack first, then HP, then a bit of defense when HP is high already. If you don’t trust me, let you check the leaderboards and you will see this is how the most powerful teams has been built 🙂

Luck is a bit peculiar, as it “anti-synergize” with itself : the more luck you have, the less effective it is. The calculation of its effect is Luck/Luck+777, and it gives you an added loot chance. For example, with 50 Luck (realistic stat from an amulet), you have 50/777+50 = 6%. If you had to chose between 50 attack and 50 luck, it can be interesting to opt for luck if 50 attack is less than 6% of your firepower (which increases your loot, too), so it’s not even viable before you already have 834 attack in that case. And remember other stats give you other advantages such as increased XP, so all in all I recommand building luck last, when both your attack and HP are above 1000.

Best hero

The difference between the 3 heroes is their base stats distribution. Eric is the most tanky, Oria has more attack but less HP, and Scarllet has the most attack and the least HP. The difference is small at low level, but it scales with level-ups.

As we saw, attack is the most valuable stat. Therefore Scarllet is the best hero. Yay !

Edit : Well no actually I’ve checked level-up gains :

  • Eric : Atk +7 Def +9 HP +9
  • Oria : Atk +11 Def +7 HP +7
  • Scarllet : Atk +10 Def +7 HP +8

So Oria is slightly better, even if you would probably have spent 10 EOS and have stats above 1K before getting to level 10 and won’t even notice the +10 Atk -10 HP insignificant difference between the two girls. Let’s just say they’re better than Eric. 😀

Item Merging

Item merging is a very cool, and somehow undervalued mechanics which allows you to consume duplicate items to create a more powerful one. Each time an item is upgraded this way, it gains about 20-25% of its base stats, so you can create items that are stronger than ones you can’t even afford !

After a few trials, I’ve got good news : if you use a level-up’d item to “feed” another item, it counts for as many ones as what you used to create it. For example, let’s say I have a level 3 leather armor. To craft it I used a leather armor + a second one to reach level 2, + 2 ones to reach level 3. So it counts for 4 leather armor if i want to use it as a fodder. If my amor was level 3 +2/4 in its progress bar, it would counts for 6. It ensures no items are wasted with this process, no matter in which order you merged them.

However, what really matters is the item you’re merging other things into (the 1st one you select before starting the process, aka the one you’re upgrading). It is very important to chose the best one you have, because the stat rolls are retained during the process. Here’s my cool lvl 5 Chain Armor, it took me 15 lvl 1 ones to create it (1 + 2 + 4 + 8). As you can see, the rolls are pretty good (~30% chances to have that much HP, ~40% to have that much def, 40% to have def at all => top 5% best Chain Armor rolls). It matters even more once everything is multiplied thanks to the merging system. It has 387 HP + 156 Def. Not bad for ~0.2 EOS !

At the end of the day, this system is pretty cool. Back last week, noone seemed to use it, but now the guys in the leaderboard are full of merged items. I took advantage of this system by buying tons of inexpensive (0.01 EOS) items to craft good ones. Plus, buying a lot of similar items usually allows you to pick one with good rolls !

The only flaw is the magical water cost. As everything involved in level-up doubles at each level (magical water, number of items, number of kills for heroes, …), it can be quite expensive to level-5 rare items. From yellow-tier rarity, I recommand you don’t go above level 3 or 4, else it may be a poor trade in the long run (you will eventually run out of magical water).

Value of materials and items

This brings me to my last points : pricing. While the 1st prices we could see were a bit exagerated (easily 1 EOS for most yellow-tier items), my opinion is that some are now undervalued. There is absolutely no point paying 0.8 for something with stats you can reach by merging 4x 0.01 EOS items. Nor to pay 0.8 for one of the 4 ingredients an item needs if you can get your hand on the item itself for 0.2 EOS. I have seen a lot of these lately, so my last piece of advice is : don’t trust the offer/demand driven price for now, and always check the market valuation of both ingredients and items before buying anything.

Good luck with your rolls, and see you soon in the game ! =)

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  1. aReeMJay

    Nice work, it’s a very good guide.

    I noticed something I think you should put in your guide as well:

    When the heroes fight they get a kill count. This kill count is actually updated in real time whenever you change equipment. So if you want to maximize your total kill count with your current items, just let the heroes fight til they die and now try to swap your equipment around between the different heroes. Obviously there is equipment only usable by one hero, but a lot of items can be used by all. By doing this I went from floor 19 to 24 without crafting or buying anything new.

    Obviously there are more factors than just kill count, because you could make a hero that survives 2-3 times longer than the others which is sub-optimal if you’re smashing the rebirth button a lot, but wouldn’t matter much if you aren’t. Anyway it’s a good indicator to play around with to find the optimal item configuration.

    1. Shaighan | Post author

      What you’ve said makes much sense, at the point this is what I was planning to explain in my next EOS Knight article (about optimal stat spreading). Also I haven’t tried the item swap strategy by myself yet, thanks a lot for the feedback.
      If I could give you tokens for this comment, I would definitely do 🙂

  2. Tbuns

    Hi, i still dont get the item lvl stuff..

    everytime i syntchize an item i lose the stats.. im getting poor trying to lvl up the items right now, with no results.
    Can you cook up an artical with at step by step? think it will help alot of noobs like me 🙂

    1. Shaighan | Post author

      I am cooking up this article right now ! I had to wait for my CPU to refill in order to be able to screenshots the experiments I want, now I’m at work.
      No worries, you’re not actually losing stats. The only thing you can “fail” is when you use an item with good rolls as fodder, then its rolls are lost forever.
      I plan to publish the merging guide by tomorrow, keep everything you can in your inventory until then 🙂

  3. Hafid

    Awesome guide! I find myself slightly entertained by this game to see how far I can get to even though I’m not a gamer type person! Thanks you for your guide! It really does help me understand more about the goals!

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