I started playing EOS knights 2 weeks after their release and found the game very interesting due to the EOS marketplace. The game itself however is quite boring as there is no or very little element of strategy/skill but instead the game relies on the player experiencing gratification from rare drops and high crafting rolls.

If you have played this game for a while you will understand that this is not a long term working concept. The item prices are plummeting by the day and since the EOS marketplace is what actually makes it a game, players are playing this game to farm rare drops and eventually sell them for profit. After a while it’s not even worth upgrading your gear but instead sell the material as soon as you get it because it will be worth a lot less only a day later. What is the solution to fix the game?


The creators of EOS knights, Bada Studio, should add at least 3000 EOS to a Monthly leaderboard where i.e. top 40 players get a prize. The leaderboard should count the total amount of EXP across all 3 characters to determinate your position.

Leaderboards should last for an entire month and start a new one immediately after while paying the top players for previous race.

When starting EOS knights players should be able to choose regular mode (play as it is now) or leaderboard mode where all characters are set to Level 1 with no items at every start of new leaderboard race. The marketplace will also be cleared with all items destroyed on leaderboard mode at every start of new race. Leaderboard players do only compete and trade with other leaderboard players.

What will this do to the game?

These changes will totally transform the game from its current state which is rapidly inflating the item/material values due to low demand and lack of incentive to keep upgrading high level gear. The leaderboard is very important to give incentive for players to actually buy items from the marketplace as it pegs them to actual value.

After each leaderboard reset the materials/items will regain their speculative value as they will theoretically help you climb higher in the leaderboard for bigger prizes. The higher EOS prize pool in the leaderboard the higher speculative values the materials/items will have. This will add a major economic strategic element to the game as it will require players to estimate and figure out a fair value for the items for maximum potential profit.

This concept will give players 2 viable ways to play the game for economic profit.

  1. Climb as high in the leaderboard as possible by pumping your characters with the best gear possible.
  2. Figure out the equilibrium point where it’s no longer worth upgrading your gear but instead sell whatever drops you can farm with current gear until leaderboard race is over.

I’m more than convinced that the trading volume will increase massively and generate substantial profits for Bada Studio which should easily cover their leaderboard stake.

Please comment if you think there are flaws which should be addressed or anything you believe should be added/changed. I hope Bada Studio will have a look and consider these changes.

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