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After reading this article about EOS Knights, some people made me realize that the item synthesis system (which comes with some benefits) can be a little tricky. So, as requested, I wrote this little “how-to” guide (featuring enough screenshots for even your grandma to understand 🙂 )

First, let’s see what levels mean in this game :

The little dark-gray square in the right-hand bottom corner indicates this amor is level 2. Items without any level square are level 1. The blue progress bar means this item has 1 extra XP, and needs 2 in total before it can level-up again. Again, items with no colored progress bar have 0 XP. It takes 1 extra “XP” for level 1 => 2, 2 XP for level 2 => 3, 4 XP for level 3 => 4, and finally 8 XP for level 4 => 5 (which is the maximum for items). So it took 3 amors to create what you’ve just seen in the above screenshot : one to upgrade, another one to make it to the level 2, and a third one to fill half of the XP bar. Therefore, if we ever decide to use it as a fodder, it will count for 3.

Now, let’s buy a few more armors and let’s create a stronger one (for the sake of science).

I’ve got all of these for 0.01 EOS each, even the ones with levels. Pretty good deal.

First, I need to pick the one with the best rolls. I click on each one and go in the “Stat Range” tab.


As you can see, 2 of my armors have good rolls : one with good HP + awesome defense, and another one with near-maximum HP. I’ll choose the 1st one, since 45 defense is obviously better than 5 HP (HP is usually better than defense, but not THAT much).

Now, I click on the armor I’ve chosen then click Synthesis. The Synthesis button doesn’t show up until you have multiple copies of the item, by the way.

The next step is to select all the items I want to destroy to give XP to the 1st one. Like item thrashing, you can select several ones at the same time to save yourself a few transactions. I am pretty sure most people are confused at this step because of the stats comparison (in the right-hand top corner). Stats comparison allows you to make sure you’re doing to equip items with better stats than what you currently have; but here you’re meant to use it the other way : make sure you’re destroying items with lower stats than the one you’re upgrading. It doesn’t even apply in my case since I’m destroying level 2 items to feed a level 1 one (because is was incidentally the one with the best stats). So I just won’t pay attention to this part of the screen.

Now, I select all fodders [1], click “Synthesis” [2] then go back to the item’s description screen [3].

As you can see its XP bar has “7/1”. I fed it with 2 armor that were worth 2 points each, plus another one worth 3. I can now click “Level up” to actually level it up. Since 7 points is enough to go to level 4, I can repeat the level-up process. You can notice that the cost in both XP and Magic Water doubles at each level. You will also notice that, even after gaining level, my item still has its initial stats rolls. The range numerical values are not relevant anymore, since values scale with levels, so only pay attention to the blue bars.

If I go back in the “Stats” tab, I can see the new values my armor has. It is now much better than a Light Blue Robe ! It has less upgrading potential than the Green Leather Armor, but in the other hand it has lower Hero level requirements and similar stats. According to the market prices at the time of writting, I would say my armor is worth at least 0.7 EOS.

It costed 0.4 EOS + 140 Magic Water to craft. Even if you pay Magic Water at its highest price, (100 for 0.1 EOS), it gives you a grandtotal cost of 5.4 EOS. Worth it !

Congrats, you’re a merging expert now ! You deserve some good news : the pet level-up system is pretty much the same… without the rolls and the need to manually synthesis ! Every time you get a pet that you already had, it simply merges with yours to give it 1 XP. You just have to pay Magic Water to increase its level.

The fact XP is never wasted and can go over the maximum required for the next level (remember the 7/1 on my armor, 3 screenshots ago ?) also applies to pet and heroes : if you don’t level them up, they still stockpile XP for when you need it.

Happy fusions everyone 🙂

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  1. Tony Lee

    Great guide, i’m so waiting for this to be launched. Wonder if they are launching both Android / IOS in tandem or i may have to sit on the site line a little longer to power up and grab those rare items. But interestingly want to understand how they applied EOS to the game, i cant seem to find their whitepaper anywhere. If you have links or the whitepaper please share this with me.