First off a recap of my Infiniverse post i mentioned that i heard of a airdrop coming, well now we have the answer they are having an airgrab 1 to 1 ratio you can claim it HERE

Check out my review HERE

Ok with that out the way lets talk about EOS Knights. EOS Knights is one of the most popular Dapps on EOS and constantly near the top of the most used Dapps according to Dapp Raider. The game its self isn’t very good but i must admit its addictive. Its pretty much just a resource management game which are normally pretty additive i guess. The game boarder lines gambling but can also be fully played without spending a cent and you can even earn a tiny bit of money.

Now for the random price pump i came across for some reason 2 of the materials randomly started to pump ,chain fabric with isn’t rare at all and superior smelting stone which isn’t all that rare too. They do get used to make some of the more high powered weapons but this still doesn’t explain the price pump. Superior smelting stone was trading at 0.05 EOS thats 10 times the usual price. Point of this post is to point out how people can get sucked into speculation in any form. Its not like this is big money here which is good but you still need to be careful and not get sucked into these random pumps.

I think EOS Knights is a very good Dapp for EOS that everyone can play for free its good to see a non gambling Dapp at the top for so long as for me i will continue to play EOS Knights and slowly leveling up. I wish they would add more to the game to keep if fresh. Keep on gaming everyone πŸ™‚

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