For those of you who may be wondering what this post is about, I refer you to my previous post on the EOS Lite project airdrop I posted yesterday, here: For those of you already up to speed with that we have some good good news folks as it seems that the EOS Lite team have, after a period of navel gazing, finally changed their tune.

Literally, in the past few moments, I received this email reply to my previous correspondence with them:

Hi David,

Official Announcement:

We have realized that there’s currently a great support and rapidly growing demand for the EOS LITE token. We have communicated with a large number of users within the EOS community who all expressed concerns about the complications surrounding the participation of the EOS Lite Airdrop, mainly due to the exclusivity of the Airdrop through select exchanges. Making the EOS community and supporters of the project happy is our number one goal. So at the request of the community we will be distributing the EOS Lite tokens to the entire EOS main net. The snapshot date will be on October 4th 12:00 (UTC + 8). The Airdrop date will not change and will remain as October 8th. Those who have EOS staked in wallets outside of exchanges will receive a 1:1 ratio of LITE to EOS.

Also, we would like to inform the community that we were made aware today that there’s a past eos lite project that was launched on the ethereum blockchain some months ago. We have no idea why a development team would launch an EOS project on the ethereum blockchain, but just in case our project is confused with that project, we wanted to inform the community that there’s no association. The now defunct website of that project is We have never had any association with that project and it has no connection whatsoever to the EOSIO platform in general. Furthermore, EOS Lite Global has never been associated with any ethereum blockchain project. Our official web address is! We have no alternate web addresses.

We hope that our decision to make the Airdrop available to everyone inspires even stronger community support and facilitates greater adoption and ever expanding value for the project and the LITE token!


So it now appears that ALL EOS holders will be receiving this airdrop and not just those who hold their EOS on the selected exchanges that were previously earmarked for the drop.

Don’t ya just LOVE it when you get a result.


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  1. Indigo Ocean

    Oh, I commented on the other post of yours and now seeing this. That’s good! It still raises a little suspicion though that they didn’t realize off the bat that of course they shouldn’t only airdrop to those 2 obscure exchanges. I’ll be watching closely to see what develops with this project over time and how legit they are. Thanks so much for the updates. Nice to find you on here.

  2. blackpanther

    Thanks for the update and your contribution to make this happen, awoo awoo. They will need to get out of the shadows and clarify the name they chose so people don’t go to the scam site( instead to go to I think they just need to change the name completely before they have a PR nightmare. Good job

  3. Zeus69

    Thank you for the valuable research and input, and especially for keeping everyone informed. Question : Does that mean if I have my EOS on an exchange like Binance I will receive the airdrops.
    Thanks a lot, and I appreciate it.
    Mark (Zeus69)

  4. motorman

    Thanks for clearing up the confusion David. Hopefully it reaches enough people, there was a last minute scramble with people wanting to unstable so they could move their tokens to an exchange. Glad they did the right thing for the community, thanks for your effort and help.