EOS now has a mobile wallet available for those of us on the go.  I have been testing this wallet for a couple of days now and I am very impressed by it so far.  The app is straight forward and available on IOS or Android.  You can download via the App Store or Google Play accordingly.

According to their website, your private key is encrypted with military-grade technology on your phone or tablet and can only be unlocked by your personal pin. In the current version, you are able to see your EOS account, send and receive tokens.  You can also create an account on this app, quick and easy.

The app was created by the EOS Block Producer Alliance https://bpac.io  They plan on adding support for all EOS airdrop tokens, staking and un-staking, and purchasing or selling RAM.  You can check out their website at https://eoslynx.com/ or join the community discussion on Telegram at https://t.me/eoslynx

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  1. Cryptodad Post author

    This wallet is now showing the airdrop balances. It’s advancing quite nicely and I enjoy it. I created a 2nd account and have transferred some EOS and IQ between the two accounts. I currently use Scatter in tandem with this one. I look forward to the Scatter mobile release so I can compare.