Introducing EOS Planet a new Minecraft rip off on EOS. You can build what ever you want like Minecraft except you have to pay for each block starting at 0.02 EOS. This game is more like a 3D version of EOSPixel that looks like Minecraft.

Game controls

You can control and fly though the planet with your standard gaming keys( keyboard keys that is not privet keys 😉 )

W,A,S,D or the arrows keys: Move around

SPACE: Jump or Fly up

SHIFT: Fly down

SPACE: Place or remove a block

F: Fly mode

U: Undo last action

P: Select mode “adjacent block” or “Pointed block”

Look around with mouse

How it works

As said above you build what ever you want and pay for each block. If you want to delete or replace someone else’s block you have to pay 1.5 times the price. So yes this is anther disguises poniz scheme on EOS but a more fun version :P.


Unsold blocks start at 0.02 EOS if you want to buy someone out it cost 1.5x the previous owner will get back 100 % and 75% of the extra paid the rest goes to contract fees. These fees will but used to add to the pot, pay out referral rewards, RAM fees, future valuable materials users can mine, dividends based on land ownership and developers will also get a cut. Blow in the problems section you will see all the percentage brake down of the above. Pot If the pot fails to increase in value by 0.5% of the previous 24 hours it will be distributed to all players proportional to their contribution.


First its super hard to actually buy any blocks i keep getting this message

maybe its all getting snapped up so fast you cant get any. I did manage to buy a few bricks tho after trying 50 or so times.

Second they have some spelling mistakes in the rules. i know i know i am not one to talk here im terrible but im also not making a dapp that will probably make millions of dollars.


Its super early i think it has just come out so you probably will make money if you buy in. This is a poniz scheme so be prepared to lose any money you put in, other then that its a good idea that will probably go very well as Minecraft is a popular game.

Feel free to use my ref link if you decide to play 🙂 HERE

Cryptoslice Facebook HERE

Cryptoslice Steemit HERE

This is not professional financial advice please do your own research before making any investments.

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      1. TRUTH(@i-am)

        ya, between the games so for (hoping Prospector will be different) and the Gambling Dapps and Exchanges (another form of gambling),,,, I have to say I’m disapointed,, we need to get some creative WORLD CHANGING Dapps going,,, Real use cases like VeChain is trying to do,,, even PARSL is an improvement (although only in the canabis market)….. I want to see some new “ECONOMIES”…. like the TRMS design,,,,, We need to have real impacts in the world, not just “ponzi games”.
        EXAMPLE of a “new economy”: