New Release Out

@greymass have just released version 0.30 of their eos-voter application that now includes a buy and sell RAM feature AND multiple account support which is excellent news. This is a fantastic addition, one that I have been waiting for @eosrio to add to their EOS wallet that they say is coming soon.

My reasons for not using eos-voter daily where personal reasons, I prefer the aesthetics s, the automatic airdrop inclusion (which is not working right now due to a bug), other than that, both wallet function well. The addition of RAM trading though may change my mind as I spend a do enjoy trading but not flicking between safari and my wallet app. Also, as much as I love using feexplorer, it is kind of a pain having to make sure that Scatter is unlocked and connected everytime my browser refreshes.


  1. Block Producer Voting: Select which block producers to support and cast your vote. Please note that the block producer voting UI is not a research tool; it is a simple interface that provides a secure way to vote.
  2. Token Transfers: Transfer EOS or any other token you may have a balance for to another user or exchanges.
  3. CPU/Bandwidth Staking: Stake your EOS as either Bandwidth or CPU. This grants rights to resource usage on the network, in addition to conveying weight while voting for block producers.
  4. Local Wallet: Set a password while importing your private key to create a local wallet. Your key will be encrypted locally using this password. This password will be required each time you need to unlock the wallet.
  5. Temporary Usage: If you prefer not to store your keys in the application, simply choose not to set a password. When the application quits, your key will be forgotten.
  6. Multiple Accounts: Import multiple accounts and swap between them easily. Hot wallets can import – Hot/Watch wallets, Watch Wallets can import Watch wallets, and Cold Wallets an import more Cold wallets. This feature is available under “Tools -> Manage Wallets”. Accounts can be switched from this section as well as from a new drop-down in the upper left.
  7. Account History: Each wallets history is now displayed on the wallet panel under the “History” section. Many different kinds of actions are formatted to show relevant details, and any unhandled transaction type will display its full action JSON. Clicking on the transaction ID will open a link to a block explorer to further confirm those details.
  8. RAM Buy/Sell: A “Buy RAM” and “Sell RAM” button has been added to the wallet allowing easy access to this resource. Prices are estimated (though may change) on the confirmation screen presented before submitting the action. A notice of the 0.5% fee and the Ricardian contract are both also displayed prominently.
  9. Set a Voting Proxy: Support for the producer proxy voting system. Easily set another account as your proxy to represent you, and the voting interface will load the votes of the representative of your choosing (read-only).
  10. Register as a voting Proxy: Register an account as a voting proxy, which will allow other accounts to set that account as their proxy.
  11. Additional Tools: The blockchain global properties and chain state files are now visible from within the tools section.

The download link is here

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