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Corrupt Governance? What We Know About Recent EOS Scandal

This week, EOS found itself in hot water after allegations arose that a major part of its blockchain governnance, led by Chinese crypto exchange Huobi may be involved in a corruption scheme. EOS’ parent company and Huobi have issued public statements since these allegations, but refrained from admitting or denying the charges.

Blockchain Live

Blockchain Live 2018 Welcome Keynote CEO Brendan Blumer opens Blockchain Live 2018 in Olympia, London with a keynote speech on how blockchain becoming inevitably a large part of all of our futures and the promises that the technology brings.

EOS Global Hackathon London

EOS Global Hackathon London Recap

468 participants. 26 hours. 1 challenge – to create an application on #EOSIO that improves the relationship between technology and a user’s privacy or security. Re-live the London #EOSHackathon event and sign up here for the next one to be in San Francisco, Nov 10-11:…

Recommended Podcasts/Media

BitJoy On EOS – Why You Don’t Want To Miss This DApp (Happy Money Man)

Lynn Duke Founder & CTO Of BitJoy Talks With Happy Money Man
This is one of those Dapps that could change everything for EOS.
Tokenized gameplay between live game-streamers and viewers.

Everything EOS #27: Defining Collusion, Monetizing EOS Tokens, Thoughts on Voting, and Dice Stories (Everything EOS)

Everything EOS is a podcast hosted by Rob Finch (Cypherglass) and Zack Gall (ICO Alert) that follows the EOS ecosystem: dApp spotlights, VC partnerships, announcements, and more!

Everything EOS #26: Introducing VAEON and How They Secured Block.One EOS VC Funding (Everything EOS)

VAEON is the third project to secure investment capital from Block.One’s $1 billion EOS VC fund. Andreas Mikolajewski (CEO) and Pedro Lopez (COO) discuss their layer 2 data solution on EOSIO and provide insight to other projects looking for strategic investment from EOS VC.

Current State of EOS Dapps


Source: DappRadar (10/10/2018)


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