Ram, Cpu, and Net are three limited, valuable, digital assets of Eos. Ram is for memory, and each account requires a minimum of 8k bytes. Ram must be bought, whereas CPU and NET are staked with tokens at a minimum of .1 Eos each.


Ram is random access memory. It is stored in units of bytes and gives reading and writing access to bytes of memory. Ram is the most powerful and scarcest resource. It has fast data retrieval speeds because data can be reached in any order, disregarding the location and preceding bytes. Ram stores data, like smart contract information and account details. Dapp developers need Ram for airdrops and dapps. Users use Ram on the network in dapps and for claiming airdrops in some cases.


Cpu is a central processing unit. It is measured by microsecond consumption. Cpu executes instructions. It is a computational resource that applies arithmetic, logic, and input/output operations. Cpu will be the resource most users need the most of. Its usage in Eos accounts is measured over three days.


Net is network bandwidth. It concerns how much data can be reached at a time. It controls a user’s maximum data transfer rate. Its usage in Eos accounts is measured over three days.

RAM Trading

Ram is sold on the EOS Network using the bancor algorithm. It is setup so that the price increases when people buy and decreases when people sell. The price will rise to infinity before 100% is sold. Ram can be added by Block Producers and scaled horizontally with sidechains. There is a .5% fee for each RAM trade.

RAM Tools

EOS Resource Planner by Eos New York: https://www.eosrp.io

EOS FeeXplorer by Lucas Z: https://eos.feexplorer.io

EOS Ram Buying Calculator by Marketstackd: https://www.marketstackd.io/ramcalculator.html

Buy Ram eostoolkit.io by GenerEOS: https://eostoolkit.io/account/buyram

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  1. BitcoinQuest

    Great list of links, I have been searching for a platform to sell/buy RAM and this was very helpful. The entire EOS ecosystem is still very intransparent, hard to utilize the full range of tools available. Thx again!

  2. Phishphood

    Hi Luke .. maybe you will have the answer ….!!!
    i am looking for a tool that allows me to analyse my RAM allocation’s ..
    all of the Tools i have found so far do the same thing plus/minus, as The Eos space is rapidly growing… its getting a bit confusing as to where my RAM is actually being used…
    i am looking for something that works like a wallet & allows me to see at a glance where the hell all my RAM is ….. Is there such a tool …????