The EOS Referendum is about to go live.

Once the smart contract is deployed, we, the community will make decisions on the direction of EOS.

As the first governed Blockchain EOS will make history.

Be part of it and get ready to VOTE NOW!

Many wallets are already supporting the referendum and are making it easy for you to have your voice heard!

Please find them below (links embedded under the logo)


Web Interfaces and Wallets:








Bloks (for Asia go here)

EOSPark (Tutorial here)


EOS Forum

EOS Titan


Mobile Wallets:

Meet.One : Download . Tutorial

EOSLive: Download

Tutorial: Chinese, English

Math Wallet: Download

Tutorial: Youtube, QQ

TokenPocket: Download.

Tutorial: Youtube, QQ

BitPortal: Download. Tutorial

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If your wallet or UI is not listed here but does support referendum, please leave a comment.

This post is part of the WEOS2019 Referendum Campaign which aims to provide clear information about the Referendum to users of the EOS.

As a first step, we agreed on creating poster style infographic in multiple languages












We would like to thank all participants and supporters.

Special thanks for translations and proofreading go to

EOS Laomao, EOS Argentina, EOS Node One, Meet.oneshEOS, EOS Amsterdam and EOS Nation.

If you want other languages supported please contact us at [email protected].

– The posters above are just the first step of the WEOS2019 Referendum campaign –


Read all about Action #2 in the following:

Traditionally communities come together for holidays and New Years.

We want to showcase the diversity of the global EOS community and leverage the spirit of the new year to drive engagement around the referendum amongst the EOS token holder community.

We are inviting the EOS  community to contribute videos, shot according to the specifications below.

These videos will be compiled into an inspiring video that we will share in a coordinated manner across our individual platforms.

We are excited to see and hear you.



Each participant should speak in their native language.

Videos should be filmed HORIZONTALLY, in a quiet surrounding.

Be creative with the background.

Please shoot with your face and shoulders filling the frame as much as possible. “Selfie style,” in other words we do NOT want a full body.

Please read this text out loud and fill in your personal sentence, about what you want for EOS in 2019.

(examples: high voter participation, great new games, more user adoption, no more vote buying, a trip to the moon…)

Speak slowly and take a break after each full sentence.

“I am EOS. I vote!
In 2019, I want for EOS to ………
We need to say what we want.
We are the Community.
We decide.
We are EOS.”

Submitted videos should be ideally rendered to MP4 format

and filmed with an up to date smartphone.

Send the video uncompressed to [email protected]

Deadline is Monday, January 7th 2019 12 pm UTC

If you are not speaking English on the video please provide an English translation in text format in the body of the email.

Any further questions feel free to contact us.

Thank you.


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