Earlier today (around 1am my time) a new “airgrab” was announced by a group calling themselves EOS Se7ens. You can check out their website here: https://se7ens.io/.

Now, before I get to the “airgrab” and “caution” bit I feel a few words are required to understand who they are and what they are offering. In short, EOS Se7ens is, as they say, an “interactive dice game”. Yep, I can hear you groan in a collective sigh, not another EOS based gambling Dapp, Isn’t just hodling EOS a gamble enough? Well in one sense “yes”, but I don’t make the rules and can only comment as reality presents itself and reality has given “birth” to this new bastard of an offspring where you can, within a few clicks, lose everything you hold dear and own. Verge (XVG) may well have positioned itself as the go to “shitcoin” for porn with their Pornhub tie-in, but it seems we are fast becoming the platform for casino style wildwest “eos-omics“.

So what the (hard)”fork” is Se7ens I hear you ask? Well, as far as I can ascertain at this early stage, it’s a game where you bet your hard earned EOS on the roll of 2 dice. As the team says “do you think the total of 2 Dice will show more than, Less than or exact 7?” Their dodgy English aside (as really people – it should be ‘exactly‘), you are simply betting on the outcome of a random roll. Just like “daddy” tells you not to talk to strangers, this is one sure fire way to lose your house in a matter of moments. There is, however, one way it seems in which you CAN win and never lose and that is by holding SEVEN tokens. And you can do this by earning “profit dividends” every 3 months although this comes with a caveat. And it comes with a caveat because on their website they explain “Players [my italics] Can Claim Dividends Every 3 Months And Be Awarded By The Total Amount of SEVEN Tokens They Held.” Jeez… when will these numpties ever learn, guys it should be “hold”. That aside, the caveat lies in the question of whether you have to be a holder AND a player to benefit from said “dividend”. But give them their due as they also say “SE7EN Tokens benefits the users in few ways, either by holding the tokens or using them”. Confused? Welcome to the club. If anybody else can sort out this Gordian knot of a mess I will be most appreciative.

Now, let’s get down to the real “caution” bit. And the caution lies in the fact that these guys newly minted their tokens just a few hours ago and are asking you to “airgrab” (via Scatter) to claim your “free” 10,000 SEVEN, so sacrificing a bit of your RAM , yet the transaction process does not seem to add up. For a few hours it was clear that the only outgoing transaction was them sending their share of the tokens to themselves. With total supply as an eye-watering 5,000,000,000 and 3,500,000,000 set aside for the airgrab that leaves 1,500,000,000 (on top of any rewards which come from the game), this is handsome reward indeed. Not just satisfied with “rewarding” themselves with 30% of all tokens minted (broken down as 20% for the team and 10% for network costs – as seen in their pie-chart below), they are coming cap-in-hand to ask YOU to pay for the privilege to receive these tokens which currently have zero value as I see right now.


Not only this, but there seems to be a back log in their issuing the tokens once you do “grab” them – even though the team claim they are issued instantaneously. If you don’t believe me check out the eos block explorer here: https://bloks.io/account/xxxsevensxxx. As you can see, there are lots of “signups” (i.e., people parting with their RAM) but very few transfers out. But having just checked now, it does seem to be moving (albeit slowly) along.

So, in conclusion folks. I would say “watch this space” and see how it develops and only then when you are completely satisfied that things are as they should be, go grab these tokens if you will. That said, remember as of right now, they are not listed on any exchange and as far as I can tell have no value per se right now.

Progress can be followed via block explorers and questions can be asked at their telegram group here: https://t.me/se7enseos. Hey, if you’re early enough, back trawl through the earlier exchanges and you’ll be able to catch my conversation with the admin where I ask these questions on our behalf.

Be safe children and guard your EOS.

My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, Commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the one true emperor, Marcus Aurelius EOSius.

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