EOS Telegram Resource List

Telegram Resource List


Interested in getting involved in the EOS community? It’s all happening on Telegram and there’s much more than just the main channel. Below is a list of every telegram channel we know of. As STEEM does not allow edits past 7 days please check here for a continuously updated list.

EOS General Chat (English): https://t.me/EOSproject

Meetup Channels:

EOS New York: https://t.me/joinchat/GmULkkp7EyiWjur4TOT9Kg
EOS London: https://t.me/EOSLondon
EOS Nairobi: https://t.me/eosnairobi
EOS Hong Kong: https://t.me/EOSHongKong
EOS Nation: https://t.me/EOSNation

EOS Developers:

EOS Index (List of current EOS projects): https://t.me/eosindex
EOS Community Test Network: https://t.me/CommunityTestnet
EOS Developers: https://t.me/joinchat/EgOVjkPktgfUS3kt14FStw
EOS Game Developers: https://t.me/EosGameDevelopers

EOS Price and Trading:

EOS Price Discussion: https://t.me/EOSPrice

EOS Discussion Channels:

EOS Block Producers: https://t.me/EOSPros
EOS Governance: https://t.me/EOSGov
EOS DAC Creators: https://t.me/EOSDAC
EOS Opportunities: https://t.me/eos_opportunities

EOS News:

EOS Go Announcements: https://t.me/eosgo_announcements
EOS Airdrops: https://t.me/EOS_Airdrop
Dan Larimer Bot: https://t.me/daneos


KOREOS: https://t.me/koreosio
EOS Korea: https://t.me/EOSIOKorea


EOS China: https://t.me/EOSCN

Know of any we missed? Leave a comment below or contact us using one of the methods listed.

EOS New York is a block producer candidate for the EOS.IO Blockchain

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