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Your Votes Will Make A Difference

Let’s cut to the chase, voting for block producers that make a difference is quickly becoming a complete waste of time. The EOS whales are backing their choices, and individually we cannot make the slightest dent in this growing cesspool. The reasons for us not taking back control are two-fold from that I see

  1. People do not have the time to vote as much as needed or do not want too.
  2. People are feeling deflated by the situation.

People are feeling deflated by the situation.
Let me give you an example of this back scratching bull shit. A block producer called EOS Cleaner came out of nowhere, shot straight into the top 21 list with little to no information or documentation about who they are. When we look at who is voting for this phantom node, it is no coincidence that approximately 90% of the votes come from 1 “account,” that account is labeled bitfinex_exchange_users which of course is not a valid account name as it is longer than 12 characters.
I think that if you hold your EOS on an exchange, (which is your right), you forego the benefits that come with the holding an EOS token yourself. The first EOS blockchain referendum will be taking place very soon and if the community could add an item stating the above, and it gets passed, we could ultimately shake up the top 21 in a single blow as well as send a solid statement to those who want to commandeer our chain.

There is good news, not only do we have safety in numbers, but we also have great strength when concentrated on a single objective. So, what if I told you there is an immediate fix to at least the first two items regarding voter participation. What if I then said to you that the only task required of you would be to delegate your voting power? ( more on that later), here is how I got to this stage.

While I was on the EOS Telegram channel the other day, I felt like I needed to rant a little about some the piss poor Block Producers poisoning the top 21. Those I am against have given nothing to the community; they are self-serving organizations looking to profit from what the EOS community has made. I then received a private message stating that this person agreed with me and that there is a brand new community initiative starting up called eoswatchdogs that plan to put a stop to the voting abuse.

Who Are The EOS Watchdogs

They are people like you and me who have had enough of the status quo and plan on disrupting it. We are excited that Block One will be casting their votes, but while we wait, i t is time for the community to fight back. The principle is simple enough, an account called eoswatchdogs has been created and if you want to help, simply delegate your votes to this account so that every time we cast a vote from this address, you’re voting power will be included. This means that you no longer need to worry about voting, we will take care of that and as we grow, we will outrank any single whale (excluding Block One). With Block One voting too at some point in the near future, we cannot lose.

It doesn’t need to stop there, we are also planning on to monitor and log the behavior of all block producers to make sure they stay in line with the constitution and continue to give back to the EOS community, remember these guys work for us, not the other way around. I am personally writing scripts to monitor Block producer accounts, calls made to the claim_rewards action to track where funds go and to help identify those who are voting for themselves. Although not against the rules officially it is still a big no-no in my eyes. You can contribute in any way possible by helping research BP’s infrastructure ie bare metal vs cloud-based.

Who Will EOS Watchdogs Vote For?

It is still early days and the final list has not been decided. We are currently reviewing as many Block Producers as we can and working on an interim list as we all seem to Ben in agreements on a good few of them. Here are the block producers that currently have the support of the eos watch dogs:-

  1. aus1genereos
  2. cryptolions1
  3. cypherglasss
  4. eos42freedom
  5. eosasia11111
  6. eosauthority
  7. eoscafeblock
  8. eoscanadacom
  9. eosdacserver
  10. eosdublinwow
  11. eosiodetroit
  12. eosliquideos
  13. eosnationftw
  14. eosnewyorkio
  15. eostribeprod
  16. libertyblock
  17. teamgreymass

How Do You Delegate You Votes?

Before I explain that, let me reassure you that all this cote delegation does is add your voting power to the eoswatchdogs account, nothing more. The account will have zero access to your funds or any other part of your account. Vote delegation can be removed by you simply using your own account to vote, we cannot hold on to your voting power, it is released as soon as you want it to be.

You will need to have Scatter setup and connected to do this, the download link and tutorial can be found here

Step 1.

Go to https://eostoolkit.io/home and connect your identity.

Step 2.

Once your identity is connected, navigate down to ‘Manage Voting’ and click the small downward facing arrow.

Step 3. (last 1)

Click on ‘Set Proxy’ and in the text box labeled ‘Proxy Account Name’ enter eoswatchdogs and click the Set button. The other textbox to the right should have your name displayed.

That is it, now feel proud that you have done your part to help make the EOS community stronger. Thank you

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  1. Tom Norwood | Trybe

    Hey Adam thanks for this article. I think this is actually a great initiative and was thinking of doing something similar myself. I think you should definitely eosphere, eosargentina, and eosrio to the list as they’ve also done good things for the community. I’ve actually been in touch with the guys from Genereos and we’ve been discussing creating a really cool EOS wallet that will show all the airdropped tokens as well as upcoming airdrops and ICOs on EOS and that will hopefully encourage people to get their tokens off the exchanges so they can receive all the airdrops. The wallet will also have a built in voting function but instead of listing the BPs in order of current vote percentages it will list them in the order that we choose – with the best ones at the top. And it will also give an explanation of each block producer so that people are better informed about each one. If you’re interested you can see the prototype here: https://pr.to/R2XR7L/

  2. cryptowolfe

    I like the way you both think. I think the challenges of swaying things away from just the whales is educating the entire community about the value of voting. This is decentralized voting. Not like large group voting and then having a smaller group of people making the vote decisions (electoral college). Our votes have explicit actions. In this particular instance (which I think is not completely understood), we as community members have an opinion that counts! Go EOS, Go Watchdogs and Go Trybe…!

  3. Cryptodad

    This is a great list. I agree with Tom on the bp’s he listed as well. Thanks for showing users how to delegate voting power. I’m not a fan of some that have made it to the top. To your point, especially since they do not contribute.

  4. John

    Another great proxy is investingwad, They are doing excellent work for EOS with their YouTube channel – Investing with a different.

    Remember to reaffirm your proxy periodically, it also begins to decay like normal voting immediately. I personally reaffirm every weekend to make sure the minimum votes as possible is lost.

  5. Sublimate

    Hello, great article!

    i also think good tools + education will be great for the community to give good use of their vote no matter the stake amount!

    great to see a tutorial also on how to set up a proxy for eoswatchdogs 🙂

    That Bp list looks nice, Stay informed! and Keep education your/our selves 🙂