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Hello, and welcome back to my EOS Update. I’m not going to do daily updates, but every other day or so I will bring some news and stats other than my regular posts that are more focused around one subject. The last post was positively welcomed,  so let’s try another one.

EOS Usage

Since June the EOS blockchain has created close to 13 million blocks, over 275 million transactions and almost 300,000 accounts created which is a significant jump from the about 100,000 that existed when the mainnet launched. Thats about 100,000 new accounts per month!

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This is really incredible, and it is truly not our “feeling” that everything is happening in EOS. Right now, EOS has almost ALL the utility in Crypto. They have functional addicting games like Eosknights as well as the gambling site EOSdice (I just tried it out and eventually lost 1 EOS. I don’t gamble, but I like to try things out) and then we have ram trading, account creations, soon account sales and CPU delegation (that I will talk about later). All these transactions make EOS by far the most functional, exciting and most used Blockchain in the World.


Scatter Mobile

Finally Scatter Mobile is coming.

To sweeten the pot, this is already tested against the latest version of scatter-js ( the lib web apps use to interact with desktop and extension ). The second it hits all web apps which use scatter-js will automatically support mobile.
The code is almost fully done including interaction it just lacks UI and encryption. Most likely a week’s worth of work.

This will of course mainly drive a lot more activity on EOSknights and soon Wizards (as they are close to launching their game) right now.  Now you can soon grind materials and craft items and connect with your account from your phone. I’m not a security expert, but I would however be a little cautious connecting my MAIN EOS account to my mobile. Hook it up with an account that you can afford to lose. There is a fine balance between being in the frontline of crypto and taking SOME risk as opposed to taking too much risk.


EOS Voter Delegation Tool

Greymass is not only rebranding their terrible name (their own words) Eos-voter (which was originally made to help people start voting to get that 15% needed to start EOS Network), but they also added a delegation functionality in the wallet. Eos-voter is definitely a great wallet and the one that I personally use.

We’re sharing this minor release far and wide because it will help the community help itself. How many posts/messages have you seen where someone is unable to use their account because they are limited on either CPU or Bandwidth? We’ve seen a ton, and it’s because people are running out of resources on their account and sometimes cannot even stake more. We have been using the command line wallet as we stumble into these situations to delegate resources to these stuck users, and now you can too except without the command line!

This release will allow anyone with the tool to delegate (temporarily grant) CPU/Bandwidth to any other account with a simple interface. The tool is located under “Tools -> Delegations” and can be used to create, view, modify, or remove delegations.

Delegating EOS works just like staking, except instead of the originating account being granted the CPU/Bandwidth, the destination account you specify will be empowered with those resources. This allows anyone to trustlessly grant resources to any other account and revoke them at will (akin to unstake, and retrieve the EOS). Just like unstaking, removing a delegation will return the staked EOS after 3 days.

So the next time you see a fellow community member stuck, unable to stake or transfer their EOS, if you have a few extra EOS on your account, feel free to delegate the resources to that user to help them do what they need to do!

Trybe Bounty Prizes

And last but not least, Trybe is dropping some exciting news about their upcoming ICO. They are going to go with Undetermined Price crowdsale, which means that those who choose to participate will receive a percent of tokens in proportion to the total contribution of each period.

This is the same type of format as EOS used – which was the the most successful ICO in history raising 4B.


Trybe is aiming at Telegram, Reddit, Yotube, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Discord, as well as every other blockchain channel like Bitcointalk.


Every 30 days 1,87 million TRYBE will me distributed towards referrals.

400M Trybe toward token sale

300M sold to buyers (take place through 12 hour cycles selling 200k each and will continue for approx 2 years)

100M Trybe bonus rewards. 46,75 to referrals, 53,25M for token buyers.

1.87M rewarded every 30 days to affiliates for their referrals.

Token Buyer Bonuses

3 tiers of token buyer bonus rewards

12hr bonus: 25k will be contributed to the top 5 contributors after every 12h cycle. Reward brackets will be: 10k, 7k, 4,5k, 2,5k and 1k.

30d bonus: 260k will be awarded to the top 5 contributors after every 30d. Reward brackets will be: 100k, 75k, 50k, 25k, and 10k

All time Bonus

9,25M rewarded to top 10 contributors of the entire duration of the ICO. Brackets will be: 2,5M, 1,75M, 1,5M, 1M, 750K, 600K, 500K, 250K, 200K, and 100K.

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As I learn more about Trybe, the more I realise that this is an incredible opportunity. I have like many invested perhaps a little too much in way too early projects. I own a garbage dump full of half dead or dead ERC20 tokens. Sure, I was early in the game, investing in Crypto in 2016 and I took profits and invested in alt coins in the 2017 frenzy.. However, I perhaps overestimated and did not quite understand exactly HOW early it was. I firmly believe that many of these projects will become (if they haven’t all ready) completely worthless. And even if I don’t think ETH will die out, and even if I think that Steem is exciting and that Lisk sounds cool and so on, most of my attention is naturally on EOS right now, as it is truly the most promising space in crypto. The entire crypto space has matured a little bit, and we have all learned that even though the markets will most likely recover and continue way past the all time highs, it does not necessarily mean that YOUR tokens is going to join that ride.

You can’t just stay in what worked a year ago and cross your fingers. You have to actively figure out where the action is happening and which project are looking at past mistakes and trying to improve them. I see this motivation and innovation with TRYBE. And I’m very happy to be taking seat in this cool new ride at the amusement park known as the Crypto space. Let’s go! 




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  1. BitcoinQuest

    I agree with your comments on EOS. I am curious to see the following real-life applications. Trybe is still early age, I am very happy to be an early adopter, though not very active lately I have to admit.

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      I think we will see it sooner than many might think. Once the REX and leasing (with around 5% interest) is live we will probably solve the issue with cpu congestion. Tbh..i havent really seen cpu problems these past days..anyhow..and then dapps will onboard. Many projects are ready to jump eth and go eos. And as long as accounts are cheap/free i think eos might be the fuel for the next bullrun same way eth and erc20s in a big way was for the 2017 bullrun.

  2. Michael T

    I just joined a couple of days ago but I am looking forward to your updates. I am not only new to Trybe but also to the EOS ecosystem and I am eager to learn as much as possible. Thanks for your articles. Hope to learn more from your updates