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Hi everyone. The market has sobered up a little bit, and I guess investors has questioned the lack of momentum and volume in the recent upwards correction. Total marketcap went down from 232 to 225 and seems to have stabilised. EOS is doing exceptionally well and is holding above $6. We touched the 50 day moving average before settling.

EOS Airdrop Spreadsheet

This is perhaps old news, but I’ve seen questions asked in different telegram groups about a good overview over airdrops. I believe this one is still updated.


EOS Knights Updates

Our number one Dapp on EOS, EOSknights with almost 1000 daily users is the the most played blockchain game as well as the number 3 overall most used Dapp of all time. Only beaten by two decentralised exchanges on ETH network.

Today they added

Referral bonus

When you enter the referrer, both the referrer and I will receive 1,000 Magic Water as a bonus. You can get referrals from up to 30 people. In order to prevent an abusing, both me and the referrer are required to hire at least one knight. Go to “Menu> Settings> Referral Bonus”

Chinese support

The translation is complete, but the web build has a font issue. It will be available on Android.

[Magic water compensation up to 3 times when rebirth]

At the rebirth, You will get Magic Water up to 3 times more.

– 100F 20->24 (120%)

– 500F 100->200 (200%)

– 1000F 200->600 (300%)

– 1000F above (300%)

Item score

You can see the stats of the equipment at a glance without having to click the items in the market. It is displayed in 0 to 100 point.


– Add button to market directly from item / material details popup

– Add confirmation window when registering for sale at less than 50% of market price

Anti Bot

– To prevent script bots, checkksum has been added to some APIs.

– Target: rebirth2 / craft2 / petgacha2

– Old versions are not available from now.

So now the items shows in a percentage how good they are compared to the other items for sale

So here you can see the stats range without going in and individually check each one. The 10% sword is a shitty one and is priced way too high. The 89% one is a good deal.

EOS Lynx Wallet Is a Gamechanger

I was going to write about the fact that EOS Lynx Wallet is integrating EOSBet, which is cool enough. But I had not really had the time to download the app and test it. After the in my opinion Ethos failure I thought that a fully functional working mobile wallet was not here yet. Ethos was just too slow and did not work properly for me, so I just deleted it.

However, today I gave Lynx a shot. Wrote in the private key of one of my small accounts, put in a few EOS and really expected it to fail. Two seconds after inserting private key, my wallet could show me my 3 liquid EOS, 2 CPU staked 1 Net and 15 Ram. that worked pretty seamlessly. Now, over to Whatsapp and ask my only other friend who is into crypto to please download this wallet, create another account and let me know if my transaction made it through. 1 second later or less, it was in his wallet.

This is a complete game changer. Not only is EOS feeless and instant. You can use your mobile to transact to another account name. So if you want to buy a coffe at the local coffeeshop, you could in theory do that now, without paying any fee. So it’s actually faster AND cheaper than using your third party app for instant fiat transfers or credit card.

You can even create an account in the Dapp for 1$. I am currently trying to figure out and ask questions about wether or not it is possible or could be possible to delegate or send EOS directly to the account someone else is trying to create in case they dont want to spend 1$ OR they for some reason don’t have a bank account or bank account connected to their phone.

I have asked if that is possible or theoretically possible. And if it is, if it is no cost or no risk what so ever for that person, I think it would be such a cool way to onboard people. People would get so excited to receive a crypto currency (we of course know which one it is, EOS..which is the real deal, but for them it’s not something they have heard about..”is it like Bitcoin”?), and they would start checking coinmarketcap to see if their 0.1 EOS is worth more or less. And slowly they will get more and more involved.

I cannot emphasize enough how great I think this is! This is a game changer in my opinion. HUGE!

Download it NOW!

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