“A king, 200 years ago, had no moral right to apportion natural resources for all time” – Daniel Larimer.

Recently, Dan Larimer proposed a new vision for the 4% inflation that was supposed to go towards the Worker Proposal System (WPS). He calls this new innovation Universal Resource Inheritance, or URI.

The URI takes its initial concepts from the Universal Basic Income (UBI).

So, what’s the difference between URI and UBI?

To answer this question, one would first need to decrypt The Great Dan himself. Apart from being one of the (imo the) greatest software engineers, cryptocurrency serial entrepreneurs and visionary innovators of our lifetime. He is also a realist, libertarian and voluntarist and it is with these three traits that the stars begin to align. To the common layman like yours truly, the term Universal Basic Income was taken literally .. because I hold EOS tokens I would be getting a share of that 4%, set for life, right…ehnt! wrong!! Larimer has said that what he proposes is “not basic” and “not income”. What has since come to light is that its more about resources, hence, the name being changed to Universe Resource Inheritance.

Libertarians advocate a high degree of both personal and economic liberty, advocate freedom in economic matters, lowering and eliminating taxes, slashing bureaucratic regulation of business. Libertarians challenge, what we are taught are “normal” governing bodies today, governments, banks and their bureaucracies who along wealthy individuals (1%ers) use up the abundance that the earth holds that have been unjustly appropriated and to uphold their status, use force to control peoples lives and tax the fruits of their labour. Many libertarians view themselves as voluntarists in their interactions with exchanging goods and services, etc. they believe voluntary means should be applied to all interactions, to include dispute resolution and law enforcement. Voluntaryism and the free market competition, in their view, is the baseline of all interactions, and the sole driving force of a just system.

The Goal: creation of a URI, funded by a 5% inflation of all forms of money, stocks and real estate property to be distributed evenly amongst uniquely identified participants. Larimer, wearing his realist hat, sees that while the labour market is undergoing continued automation, which could result in many lost jobs, doing nothing would most likely result in war or segregated communities, on the other hand, he proposes a peace treaty between the ruling class and the poor. Larimer believes that URI can make this possible. However, radical changes like this one are not simple to implement on a global scale. For URI to be successful “the only solution is education and spiritual awakening” (by “spiritual awakening” he means taking responsibility for fairness voluntarily) because people need to understand that the system they live in is based on false power and widespread corruption.

The Process: Baby Steps, apply it within a smaller community, ie EOS, and possibly redistribute the 4% inflation to unique individuals being EOS token holders. Larimer continues to emphasize that even EOS URI is not a basic income, and “it is not about needs or deserves”, nor “about benefits”, nor “about feeding the poor”, but rather about creating “equal opportunity”, “fair negotiations” between generations, and adhering to first principles. Now, If you’re thinking –  Score!! I’ve got multiple accounts…How rich am I going to be? (rubbing your hands in glee, that big cloud above your head with a palace and 3 lambo’s in it). The problem of multiple accounts is the biggest obvious obstacle to URI, Larimer says he has solved the issue of identifying a unique user. In his words “I wouldn’t design a system I thought would be subject to mass abuse. Selling your ID will not be possible”. The goal of an efficient system is to make scam cases rare and difficult to perform which is purported to include some of the best security measures available. Larimer has stated that “it will be in everyone’s interest to identify fraud, prune the fake IDs and ban the real ID behind them”. Is that conniving smile starting to diminish now?

All this, of course, is still speculation at this time, though Daniel Larimer continues to hint within telegram groups he posts in periodically. He is also writing a book on the matter, so stay tuned.

The link below is to a google doc. (> open in new tab) that has been made into a chronological documentation of all the metaphors/clues/analogies that Dan (and the Whales against him) has mentioned in regards to his thoughts of the EOS URI starting in the EOS Rex Telegram group and into the “EOS_URI” Telegram group, formerly, the EOS UBI Telegram group.

 Link: We_Are_Jedi

Source : https://t.me/EOS_URI pinned message                                         https://cryptonomist.ch/en/blockchain-en/eos-uri/

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  1. SugarFix

    What you are talking here is primarily is US-based right wing Libertarianism which has its roots in Austrian NeoLiberalism rather than actual Libertarianism.

    The main thing that this fails to deal with is the fact that access to opportunity is determined at birth. Familial wealth and country you were born are extremely important. The only way you could equalize that is to remove all babies from their parents and have them raised communally. Not really an option as far as I am concerned. If we are to accept that children should grow up with their parents we must accept that there imbalances and they need to be addressed.

    The same with health. We all have screwed up DNA in some form or another. There are no human uber beings. That is a good thing as it gives each of us different gifts. On a biological level fava bean intolerance (can kill you) makes it hard for you to catch malaria. Likewise psychopathy is a pretty good trait for a leader (it’s something like 70% of all CEOs will medical scan as one) providing they are born wealthy. If not it doesn’t pan out so well.

    Enough of that – that’s a book or more

    What I have found interesting is that Dan’s idea of what EOS should be isn’t working out as planned. DAOs which are smart contract oriented get abused and tend to be abusive. It’s pretty well documented by Adam Kolber, the law prof. DAOs that are human oriented, such as BPs and EOS (as a whole), have gone stepwise to the left and become syndicalist. There are a lot of similarities to what was happening in Barcelona during The Spanish Civil War. At the same time Larimer is playing a guiding hand or rather benign dictator.