With the launch of the EOS blockchain there has been a lot of activity.  Keeping up with all of these new tools can be a challenge.  I have created a website called EOS Ratings and have created a page called “Value Add Matrix” located here: https://eosratings.com/vam/

On this matrix are all of the tools that Block Producers have created.  Everything from Explorers to Wallets and many more.  

There are over 100 tools so far.  And not all of the tools are created equal.  So, please visit this matrix and rate your favorite tools.

Here is the legend for all of the tools

  • Explorer: Lookup Blocks, Transactions and Accounts on the EOS chain.
  • Wallet: Manage your EOS account/s to send and receive EOS
  • Wallet Monitor: Track and Alert on any activity related to your EOS account. *Highly recommended*
  • Voting: Vote for Block Producers. EOS is only as strong as your voting activity. So go vote NOW!
  • Voting Monitor: Track the overall votes and to which BPs they are going to. Reward the BPs that provide the most value to the EOS community and chain
  • Resource Monitor: Track the price of RAM and other EOS resources. Good for speculators.
  • Outreach: BPs that give back to the community to help others (Like Charity work).
  • Education: Training and other types of Education on all things EOS.
  • TestNet: Tools related to the testnet. Practice makes perfect. So those BPs that test often should be rewarded.
  • BP Performance Monitor: How well are the BP performing? We need more tools in the category so we can recognize those BPs that exceed performance, availability and security.
  • Key Management: Everything related to managing your keys and lookup for example your ETH to EOS.
  • Proxy Monitor: List of Proxy Accounts and how many votes they control and how many BPs they vote for.
  • Identity Creator: Create a public account profile that is stored on the EOS blockchain so everyone knows you own the EOS account
  • Price Tracker: What is the EOS price over time, Trading Volume, Market Cap and share of Market.
  • Account Creation: Create a new account on EOS
  • BP Validation: Validate that a Block Producer is meeting the minimum requirements like website, BP info, Ownership, Code of Conduct, endpoint checks, etc…
  • Chain or Contracts: Chain tools and Contracts that enhance the EOS ecosystem. For Example, snapshot creation and/or contracts related to govt or value add tools like leasing etc..

Let me know what you think and if you have any recommendations to improve.


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