December 1st has come and went which means part 4 of the EOS vs ETH DAPP stats comparison.  Within the last month Tron Dapps were added to DappRadar so from here on out, TRX Dapps will also be recorded during these monthly snapshots.

Part 1 from September can be found at

Part 2 from October can be found at

Part 3 from November can be found at

In this article and video below, we look at the DAPP stats for both EOS, ETH, and TRX and compare them to the stats of the previous months.

EOS Month Over Month Quick Comparison

Below is stats taken on the first of the month giving a quick view of EOS growth.

EOS DAPPs on DappRadar

  • Sept 1: 24 dapps
  • Oct 1: 75 dapps
  • Nov 1: 125 dapps
  • Dec 1: 183 dapps (ETH: 1255, TRX: 16)

EOS DAPPs Over 10,000 24hr Transactions

  • Sept 1: 5 dapps
  • Oct 1: 7 in Oct vid/ 6 in screenshot
  • Nov 1: 19 dapps
  • Dec 1: 23 dapps (ETH: 1, TRX: 3)

EOS DAPPs Over 1000 24hr Users

  • Sept 1: 2 dapps
  • Oct 1: 3 dapps
  • Nov 1: 10 dapps
  • Dec 1: 7 dapps (ETH: 0, TRX: 3)

EOS DAPPs December 2018

BetDice has maintained its hold on the top spot from last month but has seen increased transactions from 499,777 Tx 24h on November 1 to 745,060 Tx 24h on December 1.  EOS Knights continues to be the most popular game on EOS and has seen an increase in users over 24h of over 1000 compared to November 1.

ETH DAPPs December 2018

The top 3 ETH DAPPs remain the same from last month just in a different order.

TRX DAPPs December 2018

TRX DAPPs have been added to Dapp Radar!  From here on out the month over month progress of TRX DAPPs will be tracked.  On December 1 there were 12 TRX DAPPs with Tx 24h.  The top being TRONbet with 1,247,173 Tx 24h but then there is a steep drop off in transactions with the last 7 DAPPs seeing a combined 686 Tx 24h (306+208+86+43+39+3+1)

DAPPs Still Active During Price Downturn

With all of crypto seeing a down turn in price, the Dapp platforms continue to see activity.  The addition of TRX is a welcome one and it will be interesteing to see the progress of these chains Dapps next month with the start of 2019.

Previous Months

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  1. SouthernCrossroads

    Love to see the use case for eos growing. This is the future of the crypto economy. Intellectual property associated with the projects will create the use case. It’s only a matter of time till Amazon or better yet the next Amazon utilizes this technology to become the real use case for crypto. Amazon is challenging the use case for Walmart and Walmart is struggling to catch up on the cyber market even releasing Walton chain. It is just a matter of time until they both are struggling to catch up with the new emerging crypto giant.

    Thanks for the post, looking forward to more…