It is probably very natural to compare EOS with Ethereum, and wonder who will dominate the space they are gunning for?

Well, I cannot see the future; however, there are some interesting observations when comparing EOS and Ethereum prices.

Below, is a chart that tracks the ratio of EOS prices relative to Ethereum (in other words EOS/ETH):

Notice that the ratio appears to be forming a channel. In other words, the EOS/ETH ratio is trading between the two black lines. The channel is upward trending, and this might indicate that EOS is gaining over Ethereum, and will continue to do so, provided that the trading channel is actually valid.

There is also a flag-like pattern indicated on the chart (two red lines), and this suggests that the ratio could move to the upper border of the channel.

It will be interesting to continue watching this ratio, since a breakout at the top of the channel, or a breakdown at the bottom, could be a sign of a critical change in the market as it relates to these two platforms.

Please not this is just my opinion, and my way of looking at the relationship between EOS and Ethereum prices.

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  1. TRUTH(@i-am)

    I can predict some future,,,, at least for the next year or two. ETH is SLOW,,,, like painfully slow and there are only some 5 big apps that people have used on ETH,,, like CryptoKitties. Vitalic says “sharding” etc. is still some 2 years out. That means EOS has 2 years to grow and kick ass before ETH even starts to “take off”.

    Also, I remember back earlier this year (2018),,,, there was a time when BTC, ETH, LTC and EOS were having some “relative price” equality. I don’t remember the exact numbers (several), but to expalin say BTC was $7k, then ETH was $700 and LTC was $70 and EOS was $7. A quick look at the recent past shows EOS has been gaining relative strength for the last say month, and just yesterday it passed LTC (LTC=$64.36 & EOS=$6.63). The only one of those coins left to pass is BTC,,, and it looks like that will happen,,, but as you say “cant tell the future”, so we’ll have to wait and see when it happens.


  2. silvergoldcrypto Post author

    I am not at all – just a noob when it comes to EOS really.

    Regarding your question; Personally not really a fan of their fee model. Would have preferred something more like Bitshares, which is also based on Graphene. There is a very small fee for every transaction on Bitshares.

  3. DasVolk

    From me have you the 5 Stars , is a good Article with a great Feedback from the Community . At the moment hope i of EOS but Truth have right , never from us can see the Future . We all can only hope thats the Crypto Market become more Stability and a better Feet in the Real World .

  4. Tony Lee

    Nice article. Both ETH and EOS are both technology and pioneers for Web 3.0 Dapps. Although EOS has a more scalable transaction rate. When ETH launches Casper then they can close the GAP a bit more more but these are still in development.

  5. Sukasah Syahdan

    Interesting observation! A few serious players let alone many minor cryptocurrencies will suffer “existential crises” with EOS coming into being and the shift will reflect in price movements. Suffice it to say with regard to Eth that, unless it can catch up with what’s been bogging its performance, it has seen its best days.

  6. Andrey

    In this project you can consider excellent prospects, let’s see how it will show itself.
    And I can’t say anything against it, except that the token is not trading on my favorite exchanges