Since the technological innovation of Blockchain technology, various blockchains have come up with different concepts and various ways of attending to challenges faced by humans in the digital sector. This birthed the EOS blockchain and made way for other tokenized project to take advantage of its stealth TPS and robustness.

With the technological space of digitization, EOS has given the platform for the EOS WIN game to thrive on its blockchain and make waves within a very short time frame.  it is therefore not news for one to say that the EOS WIN is a game for all.

The project gives a new face to gaming on the digital EOS paradigm and also gives its users the platform to earn in lucky tokens at the roll?spin of even prediction on the framework in that every time you take a spin on the EOS option of the available spin cryptocurrency, you get to earn lucky tokens in the ratio of 1 EOS : 0.2 lucky and 1 lucky token costs about 0.03 EOS


With the rewards of lucky tokens in every EOS dice rolled and additional reward pool bonus is still the entitlement of users who take advantage of the platform and it rewards users with respect to the lucky tokens earned or owned and it is redeemable once in every 24 hours as there is a countdown timer on the platform to ensure that. The allowable spin units of tokens varies with respect to their token but for the EOS option of the tokens, an initial deposit of 0.25 EOS is required. 

For those who have passion for lottery games , you still have your place on the platform as it has its own lottery pool that is designed to work with the basic lottery concept and its entirely open to all to take advantage of.

For a brief illustration of the platform you can view this video

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