I checked out the eosbet dice bankroll account eosbetdice11 and noticed about 90% of the accounts placing bets look very suspicious. I am 99.9% certain these are bots placing bids over and over. They just bet randomly for hours on end without a break with no other activities on the accounts. It dosnt seem natural at all.


Randomly pick some accounts and check the history. I think you will come to the same conclusion as me, this is not natural activity.

No normal person would set up a bot to constantly bet against a casino with a 1.5% house edge. Probability means you are guaranteed to lose the more you play.

EOSBet dice have an upcomming ICO for their BET token. Bet has a capped supply of 88million and gives holders a share of 100% of the revenue generated from EOSBET.

15% of bet tokens went to the “airdrop” that you had to gamble eos in order to claim. 55% will be sold in the ICO priced at $0.9 each. This will make them $43,560,000 up front but they will have to sacrifice 70% of their future revenue to BET token holders.

Considering this they have massive massive incentive to boost the numbers to make the ICO more appealing to potential investors. People see the dice app has generated $2.5million volume in 3 week and think of all the dividands they could earn from buying BET tokens, PASSIVE INCOME! EOSBETS could afford to take the 1.5% loss from having the bots cycle through their own EOS pre ICO because they know they will make it all back and more in ICO. There is indeed alot of hype for this coin.

What will happen after the ICO? I guess they will shut the bots of when its time to start paying dividends. They could do this suddenley, but I think they most likely taper them off slowley as to not raise susspicion. They could still make a successful business out of this even though they cheated at the start, but I think its important people know this information before deciding to invest or not.

For me there are just far too many red flags. Even the team want to stay annonymous so you cant research them before investing. As always do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Dont jump on the hype train.

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  1. Tony Lee

    I’ve been monitoring DappRadar and the EOS Bet has 500-700 users with an average of 1 million – 2 million daily transaction and weekly transaction average of 8-million which if we average should be around $45 million revenue on a weekly basis. I haven’t deep dived but yes would imagine it be BOTS playing to accumulate the BET tokens for future dividends. It is no longer 1:1 for EOS to BET token but has increased to 30:1 which means the 1st round of Airdrop supply is getting pretty low.

  2. Investing with a difference

    I am sorry but you did not provide any evidence that proves your claims. You have no idea how gambling works. There are people who get addicted to it and online gambling can really make you stay up all day while playing slots / dice or any other game. Just saying that ‘nobody does it like that’ shows lack of your understanding. Please present proofs and we will listen.

  3. Todd

    Pathetic attempt to smear a legitimate eos project. The reason that their volume is so high with low users is because they built the best product and the whales of eos like using it. You have no evidence that these are bots. It is clear, based on your reddit posting history that you have an interest in a competing casino dapp and are playing dirty by spreading false rumors. Trybe readers are smarter than that. Eosbet dice works really well and the team is crushing it after being one of the first ethereum projects to convert to eos. This is not a good way to welcome talented devs to the eos community.

  4. Eosian


    From a previous Chris Henery article I found his DEOS referral:

    His EOS account: https://bloks.io/account/g44donbugmge (Holds 116,818 DEOS tokens)

    And last but definitely not least this transaction: https://bloks.io/transaction/f8a8c566f8d62aab9a243d5ad6b26859b0e66db6cc749104ca010550dbf012a2

    From yesterday, 50,000 DEOS tokens from TopDeosgames with memo “article writing and other services marketing”

    Chris, I’ve seen you call BET holders defending the casino and the team “paid shills”. I better not see that again, anywhere, and good luck getting your credibility back!