EOSBet Dice is new game on the EOS blockchain, the layout is clean , simply and easy to use. They also have their own token available which you earn from playing. For every 1 EOS you bet Win or Lose you will get 0.2 tokens so a 5 to 1 ratio. EOSBet plan on giving away 8.8 million tokens, 10% of total supply and they will be holding an ICO in the future.

Token use case

The tokens are security tokens and they will be paying token holders 70% of gaming profits. You will receive your tokens instantly after your bet, you can see i have 0.4800 tokens.

How do i Play

Basically its a game where you set your bet (1 EOS min) then slide the bar to what ever number you want then roll dice and if the dice number is less they your chosen number you win :),

The odds of winning is 49% if you chose 50 as the dice need to add up lower than 50 and not on 50 to win. This is the house edge and how they make money, for casinos this is very good odds. Buy sliding the bar to the left your odds of winner will be lower but your win returns will be higher and the opposite if you slide to the right

Remember this is gambling not gaming so dont go stupid on it.

How do i sign up

If you have Scatter already then all you need to do is sign into Scatter and presto your ready to go.If you use my referral link you will get 0.5% more when you win so feel free to use my ref link 🙂 HERE

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This is not professional financial advice please do your own research before making any investments.

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