EOSBet has released DICE their first game on the EOS platform. 


  • Safety guaranteed by Scatter
  • Gameplay is very easy
  • Get referred to get 0.5% win reward bonus
  • (optional) Refer someone to get 0.5% bonus towards their wins
  • Choose your level of risk
  • For every 5 EOS you bet you also receive 1 BET token as airdrop
  • BET tokens pay out dividends for life!
  • 100% of house profit will be distributed towards BET token holders


Make sure you have an EOS account. 

If you haven’t already, download and install Scatter, an EOS identity manager that facilitates interaction between users and dApps without exposing our private keys.

Unlock your Scatter and click on LOGIN 

Give permission.

You are ready to play.

Set your BET AMOUNT. This is the amount of EOS you will be wagering.

Adjust the slider to change your chance of winning. 

BROTIP: Adjust the slider to 95 to change your chance of winning to 94.00% and start playing with small sums ’till you understand the game. In this way you will earn just 1.04 times your bet but is a relatively “safe” way to start.

Click ROLL DICE to place your bet.

If the number fall in the green range, you win!

Please be wise.

You can view your EOS and BET token balances next to the ROLL DICE button. The table below the slider bar shows recent bets from all players across the world.

WHERE TO PLAY: the importance of referrals.

The Dice game can be found here: https://dice.eosbet.io/?ref=guzdsobwg4ge

Yes, it’s a referral link but WAIT! 

If you strip the referrer name you WILL NOT receive a 0.5% win reward bonus.

EXACTLY, who refers a friend receive 0.5% of their bets for life but ALSO the receiver of the referral will get a 0.5% bonus towards their wins. There’s no reason not to get referred and receive bigger wins for each bet placed, so join with my referral if you found this article useful.


There is a 1:5 BET token AIRDROP. For every 5 EOS you bet, you will instantly receive 1 BET token in your wallet. The only other way to earn bet tokens is currently a pre-sale where they ask $0.20 per BET token and a minimum contribution of 1,000 EOS.


BET tokens pay out dividends for life, for every single game launched by EOSBet!

100% of house profit will be distributed towards BET token holders.


So, if I convinced you, go immediately to play DICE to win EOS and earn BET token using my referral for a 0.5% bonus: https://dice.eosbet.io/?ref=guzdsobwg4ge





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  1. sowhat

    Interesting tip and I tried that out right away, but was luckless. Not a big problem. You just have to be careful not to get into a spiral because you want to recover losses and will take higher risks. That’s why also a warning 🙂