We’re super excited about our upcoming EOS game called EOSBluff launching December 2018. For those of you who may not have ever heard of us, we are a new Dapp launching next month within the gambling category.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… “Another gambling Dapp? Who cares…”


But before we get in to that, let me explain a little bit about the game first.

The object of the game is to have the highest points after receiving a total of three (3) cards. Each card has a randomly generated number between 1 to 10. The highest points you can earn is 30 (10 + 10 + 10).

Each time you receive a card, you and your opponent have the option to bet additional EOS to raise the amount of EOS that can be won. If you or your opponent folds (ie no longer wants to play that given hand), the hand is over and the cards are NOT revealed.

However, if both players play till the final betting round (ie after the third card is dealt), your opponents cards will be revealed to determine a winner!

The game is very similar to poker when it comes to betting & winning, but this game is designed to be a lot easier to learn (ie we even add the numbers for you).

The games can be played over a course of a few days if one of the players is unable to make a decision right away.

Check out the Youtube video below that our Telegram group saw last week.

LIVE Demo of EOSBluff gameplay (note: UI/UX not implemented)

So, can you see what makes EOSBluff unique to the EOS ecosystem?

– The game requires skill, psychology, and luck.

– It’s Player vs Player. You’re not playing against a casino but rather real people!

– And we’re just getting started…

We’ve yet to see a gambling game quite like this one being built on EOS. 

Right now, the game is complete but the UI/UX isn’t quite where we need it to be for us to launch. Additionally, we still have several bugs we need to knock out. As of now, we are still pushing for a launch sometime in December.

For the latest updates, please come join our Telegram. Thanks for reading!



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