EOSBluff.io is now live on the Jungle2 test net for game play. You can now play against each other!

Our game is a PvP (player vs player) gambling card game built on EOS. This is our “Alpha” version, which means we’re counting on you to provide us feedback, or to alert us of any bugs before our main net launch (hopefully next week). As a reminder, playing on test net means that you’re NOT using real EOS to gamble. This is a great opportunity to practice the game before playing for real EOS.

We’ve yet to see a gambling game quite like this one being built on EOS. 

Check out the video to see it in action.

The object of the game is to have the highest points after receiving a total of three (3) cards.

Each card has a randomly generated number between 1 to 10. The highest points you can earn is 30 (10 + 10 + 10).

Each time you receive a card, you and your opponent have the option to bet additional EOS to raise the amount of EOS that can be won. If you or your opponent folds (ie no longer want to play that given hand), the hand is over and the cards are NOT revealed.

However, if both players play till the final betting round (ie after the third card is dealt), your opponents cards will be revealed to determine a winner!

The game is very similar to poker when it comes to betting & winning, but this game is designed to be a lot easier to learn (ie we even add the numbers for you).

The games can be played over a course of a few days if one of the players is unable to make a decision right away. Each player has 24 hours per turn, however as we gain more community members, the games will become more “live” without needing to wait a long time for the opposing player to make a move. Of course, you can always invite your friends to play too!

When is the main net launch?

We don’t have an official date, but we’re pushing for December 15, 2018 to launch on main net. Our focus right now is to fix any outstanding bugs and to improve the experience. The more feedback you can provide, the faster we can launch! Additionally, we need your help getting others excited about playing. We truly believe this is a unique game, so don’t be shy in sharing what we’re building for you guys.

Do we have a referral program?

Of course! Refer a friend and receive 0.5% of all of their bets that get added to the total pot (ie opposing player must also match the bet for it to be added to total pot). No commission paid when players “draw” (ie both cards revealed showing equal points resulting in total pot evenly split between them). Please note that the referral program will not be implemented till the main net launch.

What about the BLUFF token?

We’ve had many questions regarding the BLUFF token. At this time, our number one priority is to focus on the game itself. If we receive some good feedback from the community after main net, then our next step will be focused on adding a token to further solidify the experience. If you have any suggestions for how the BLUFF token should work, please let us.

Business Model?

EOSBluff earns revenue through a “Rake.” Similar to traditional casinos, we charge a 5% rake of the total pot. For example, if you win 100 EOS against another player, you’ll receive 95 EOS while EOSBluff receives 5 EOS to help fund future developments. If the outcome of a hand is a “draw” (ie both players have the same amount of points resulting in no winner), the total pot is split evenly amongst the players and EOSBluff does NOT take a commission. When you win, we win!

For the latest updates, please come join our Telegram or follow us on Twitter. Thanks for reading!

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