Hey, yes, we are talking to you now.

To be honest, market of decentralized apps is rapidly changing now. I guess, you know that every day we meet face to face only diversified forms of “Dice” game that flooded everything!

But, what you will answer If we said that there is a chance to try something new and unique?

Players, meet EosCrash Beta!

EosCrash is multiplayer EOS gambling game. It’s a real time, simple, and exciting game where you can securely play for fun or to win a fortune.

We provide an opportunity for you to try absolutely new and advanced UI, which is build for the most productive play, to interact with each other via robust gameplay and, of course, to make really high profit!
In addition, we offer for you a new token CRASH with total supply of 28 Millions! Up to 50% is planned to be released on a pre-sale.

Visit our platform to get more details: https://eoscrash.app/

How to play?

Before each round starts you need to place your bet and choose your cash out multiplier. Once the round begins, the multiplier increase from 1x upwards.
Bigger multiplier — bigger win! But beware — multiplier can bust at any time, and you’ll get nothing!

Every round is a fight between risk and reward. Do you cash out at 1.1x for a conservative win? Or do you stay in the game to hunt the high 1000x multipliers?


What should you expect next?

We a planning to do few updates per week, which will include :
   1) Referrals;
2) Mining;
              3) Manual cashout;
                                                       4) Fairness check (Hash or blockchain based)
      5) Giveaways;
    6) Dividents;

             And many-many others valuable features…

In a period of Beta you`ll be able to make a bet in a range from 0.1 EOS to 0.5 EOS with the multiplier up to 200x maximum!

It`s risky, but as the quotes says “nothing ventured, nothing gained”!

Sincerely yours,
EosCrash team!
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