Dear players,

We have passed a lot from the beginning of our Road map to the end of token sale, a lot of various fails we have meet face to face, but every step of that way we feel your support and activeness!


We have something really special for you in the new huge update!

 But, firstly, let`s sum up all the improvements and innovations we made:

1) Auto betting option for those, who are bored to bet manually each round.
This option will stake you bets automatically with the bet amount and multiplier you choose.You just need to whitelist bet one time and start enjoying!

2) Manual cashout!
This button gives you an opportunity to cash out before your set up cash out limit and get your bet multiplied instantly.

3) FAQ with all needed info about EosCrash and game rules, so you can easily refresh your memory!

4) Referrals gives you an opportunity to can earn on referring user. Receive 0.2% from each referred user bet.

5) Dividends
First one will be paid out on December 1st, at 12:00 AM UTC. No staking will be required for the first payout!
Following this, Daily Dividends via token staking model will be implemented.

6) Mining
It’s limited proposal, rate is rapidly changes, thus don`t miss the chance to get free tokens!

7) Chinese language added;

Thus, meet the most magnificent part in that update… 

• We make absolutely new and advanced UI, which is constructed for the best usability for players! There is nothing similar on the market, we hope you`ll enjoy it;
• Added “Bet History” and “My Bets“;
• New chart;
• Optimized phones ; 

It’s on 90% of what is supposed to be, following updates are coming in next days:


• Adding players knocking out on chart/curve during a game;
• Win ration to be added;
• Highlight my bet in bet list;
• Highlight last standing hero;
• Sounds and music;
• Small adjustments on layout(some screen sizes);

You need to try it here !

Waiting for your feedback.

Sincerely yours,
EosCrash team!


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