We`ve got good news, especially for those, who really likes Crash gameplay and for those, who wants to get much more EOS for his achievements in EosCrash!
In that case we release JACKPOT! We`ve been working a lot to make it as fair and progressive as it possible.

Jackpots mechanics

The total sum of jackpot consists of 0.2% of wagered sum since the last jackpot. Talking about frequency of JP it also depends on the total betted amount, on average 1–4 times per day!
Looking ahead for your questions about prize hand out… Jackpot will be distributed in this way:

65% to the winner of the Jackpot round with the biggest multiplier
25% to every user in Jackpot round proportionally to their bet
10% goes to the pool of the next Jackpot

Realizing the fact that you can participate in sharing of 25% only for betting 0.1 EOS is pretty fascinating, but the grand prize is intended solely for the luckiest one, who will fight till the end of Jackpot round!

If there will be no winner in the round, 65% that is intended for the last one goes in the pool to next JP, but 25% as always will be handed out between all participants.

How jackpot winner is choosing:
1- those one, who has the biggest multiplier will be the winner;
2- if there are two winners or more with same multipliers, prize will get player with bigger bet;
3- if the bet and multiplier is equal, jackpot will be distributed equally;

Moreover, if there is 2 winners or more with similar bets and multipliers, prize will be distributed equally to every winner. No one knows whew it can happen!
Maybe even one by one…so this is your choice to play conservative or fight for a global prize!

Our main point is to provide the most progressive and comfortable gameplay process for you! Be sure we have a lot of aces in the hole, you`ll be impressed!
Stand by!

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