Hey there, we have a lot of awesome news we want to share with you! 
As we said earlier we are planing to do few updates per week!

Therefore, here comes updated EosCrash.

We`ve made a general improvement with bug fixing, in most thanks to your feedback in a Bug Bounty program and, of course, provide a number of new features!

So, take a look on the new characteristics:

1.Mining added!

For the first 200 000 EOS wagered we provide rate 1 EOS = 2 CRASH tokens!
We will introduce a full graph of rates soon. Stay turned!

2. Updated UI; 

We`ve changed a lot in UI to provide as comfortable and productive gameplay as it possible. It includes changing and replacing of background, icons, added balance(screenshot below) and some other fixes!

3. Manual cashout is available!

You`ve placed a bet, but are worried about a suddenly crashing and losing all your money?

 In that case, you`ve an opportunity to try new function, which provides a possibility to exit current round with the multiplier rate at the moment of your pressing “Cashout“!

4. Max bet increased to 5 EOS
Bankroll increased to 5000 EOS;

5. General system optimization and bug fixing done!

Moreover, we are working on dividends, referrals, UI and some other interesting features! We have a lot of ” aces in the hole”, which will surprise you!

Keep calm and be with EosCrash!

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