EOSflare is my favourite tool to view my EOS account. It allows you to view all of the important info regarding your EOS account without having to install a wallet.

I was drawn to this tool a few days after the mainnet launch and I’ve stuck with it because the clean design made it super easy to understand how much RAM, CPU and NET you have left and how much you’ve used.

In my humble opinion, this tool is by far the best way to view your EOS account and now it’s even better.

EOSflare has just had an upgrade and I am blown away by it. Now you can view all of your EOS airdrops without having to scroll through all of your transactions.

Here are a few screenshots of my EOS account to show you the new features of EOSflare. Notice all of the airdrops listed in the new convenient section just below your network usage?


EOSflare has also added your EOS permission keys (Active and Owner keys) above your transactions. Also, the list of transactions seem to be a lot more compact than before but it works well.

If you haven’t used this tool before, I highly recommend it. It’s such a quick and easy way to view your EOS account. My account on EOSflare is bookmarked in my browser so that I know I can view my account with just one click.

To view your EOS account, follow this link below and just enter your EOS account in the search box


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  1. Smed

    I found that in last few days when I access eosflare that the listing of tokens at top of screen is no longer there. Do you know if there is a function to turn this back on? Thanks,