Eos is like a little game environment already, not only for some monster/wizard/knights games, but because you can play and experiment around on so many levels. And there is a growing environment of alternative mainnets building on EOSio software.

EOS Force in particular caught my attention, for one as it has already had a live mainnet since June 25 something, but also as it is based mainly in China and info available in English is pretty much non-existent.

Reason enough for me to take a closer look and ask around. Allegedly EOSForce has a working block explorer (2 actually but 1 is mandarin only), check up your genesis account snapshot:

After checking, it became evident, that my genesis account was on their chain including the June 2 balance. So the big question was:

How get access to my tokens?

(not intending to missing out on my EOS cash / gold / diamond etc. this year). First of all, using their native app and entering my precious genesis private keys was totally out of question. But another Trybe-Poster hinted me to the math walltet, which is supposed to create one EOSForce for free for you. Although being on my spare mobile, i botched it and missed this free account. But after a day of deception the Big news was out on the EOS Force telegram.

You can connect to EOSFORce with scatter!

Actually it’s not so different from setting up any other scattter identity, except for the alternative network required. Here is the how-to: https://github.com/gpmn/scatter_demo

The explorer lets you do transfers and voting, just sign each transaction with scatter: https://explorer.eosforce.io

Allegedly after August 1, you need to activate genesis accounts as well by sending at least 0.0001 EOS (Force) to the account checkin. This will give you 10 something EOS (I received it pretty instantly)

How does EOSForce work?

– Transactions do cost: Mostly something between 0.01 and 0.05 as far as i encountered. This includes voting for BPs.

– There is no staking per se, but you do stake your tokens when voting for bp. If you want to change your vote you have the 72h delay of “redemption”

– There are voting rewards, where you get some dividends from the bps you voted for, depending on the time you upheld your vote. This should come live by Sep 1.

– There are 23 active BPs, to date there are no englisch informations so voting is a bit odd.

I am still a bit worried, but until now my spare mobile isn’t bloated with adware, and no unstaking has been initiated. So all looks well so far.


Of course i would like to know if there is a marketcap of EOSForce, that apparently arent exchangeable with mainnet EOS. And are there any dapps?

If you’ve got any info, please don’t hesitate to share!

Thank you to Coley and Panda for your valuable input and help! 

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  1. sva_h4cky0

    I’m annoyed by the fact that they keep using “EOS coin” ticker, somehow they hesitate to change from EOS to EOF/EOSForce/something.

    If you guy’s decide to grab this free stuff, don’t forget to change your EOS owner keys or just using Scatter.

    Anyway i found this, dex.eosawake.io (WARNING: not tested yet), where you can exchange “EOS” from/to “EOS coin”.

    1. Conceptskip Post author

      Yes, all this sites are a bit confusing and some precaution is definitely advised! Just using scatter is my option, and i feel somehow comfortable with it. Still no unstaking…. phew! Cool about the EOSwake, EOSForce worth 1,5% of EOS, not huge, but nice enough to be seen as one of the better dividends 😉

  2. Matt - Trybe.one

    I’ll be honest, I claimed my EOS force early. But still curious to see how it all unfolds. More engagement with the English community is necessary for them to be successful, but I think this article is a great start. Good effort.

  3. mix1009

    I was about to write about EOSForce and found your post. Bitforex.com has EOSC/USDT and EOSC/ETH pair since August 30. I’m not brave enough to claim my EOSForce yet. Maybe after I could change the active key when Ledger supports it.