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The first payout on EOSLuckyMe has been done and it was like they projected: In my case at a rate of 0.302 EOS for 10,000 ROLL tokens. If I take the average price of what I bought it for (around 0,0000650 EOS for one ROLL) I paid like 0.65 EOS for 10,000 ROLL. This makes a return on invest of around 46.5%! Pretty huge and you can see that the next payout is still projected at 0.27 right now claimable in ~9 hours from now.

So even if the current price projections drops a little bit for some reason – which it normally shouldn’t – this will be still 20%, 30% or even 40%!

I read in the telegram group yesterday that they are going to cap the daily payout at 1,000 EOS for the price pool and want to pay out everything during the next 11 days. If you want see what’s coming, just have a look at their price pool that gets distributed over the next days: 9821.9 EOS!

The ROLL tokens must be staked before 14:00:00 (UTC +8) to be included for the dividend payout of the day and can get it anytime after 14:30:00 (UTC +8) every day:

So with all the risks being involved I think this is now the time to feel pretty safe about the projected payouts. Maybe a nice chance for you to get in – if you haven’t already!

The current price of EOSLuckyMe is probably currently reacting to the first really happening and upcoming payouts, the implementation of new games and the overall positive development so far:

They also added a different version of the Reaper Game and a key game similar looking to the games were only aviable at a limited time on FunCity (Reapers Game is still paused there) before. If you played on FunCity before pay attention! These games on EOSLuckyMe are not the same like on FunCity. I have to admit I don’t really understand the FOMO key game totally. But on FunCity I bought some keys and got (or maybe still get when it’s unpaused.!?) some dividend for it. So I’ll just look how it works out here .. 😉

The auction game is not so much fun like the Reaper Game of FunCity was, but it’s okay. Just get an exchange open (like NEWDEX) to check the price of the token. Then just check the price of the current bid and estimate how far the payout price may get up..! If you already know the game from FunCity: Be aware that your bids aren’t sold! So every bid you make is highly speculative and should be seen as the tokens are gone and you may get some EOS – if you’re really lucky.

You can place a bid and if the bid doesn’t win (because there’s someone bidding higher) your bid will be distributed as following:

If you do a bid on EOSLuckyMe the timer will reset to 30:00 minutes. So you need to really get lucky to get a good payout I guess. The price of ROLL for the amount of EOS in the price pool that in the end is going to be reached will be

– too high (if someone makes a bid that is higher than the current market price)

– probably at the right value of the market most of the time (because people playing on EOSLuckyMe will see this and because of the countdown timer and the supposedly free EOS, some of them will check the price and some of them will make bids)

– too low (if there aren’t enough people watching the price or simply not enough players)

Actually while writing this article I messed up the time and some other guy just won 1.3849EOS with 800 ROLL:

800 ROLL only cost 0.0583 EOS right now. So a really nice profit! Maybe it’s worth watching this game a little bit 🙂

I also like that every bid for the auction which is not hit will hit the dividend payout pool. Like my bet for 430 ROLL for the amount his user won for 800 (You can see my bet in the auction picture above).

I think the chance of getting something for cheap is pretty low here normally, but the real value this game has is the price stability of the coin. People will look more often how the current price is and will try to relate this to the amount of EOS which is paid out in the auction. So from that point of view this game makes a lot of sense for every EOS gambling DApp I think!

I’m happy that the payout is already working now and now I’m looking forward to the next days how the payouts will develop. Actually I was unstaking a lot of my coins because yesterday this wasn’t feeling right for me. But as I see this now I will at least wait the next 11 day payout period. Somehow I’m proud of myself for my decision yesterday. Because on that time all the information I had wasn’t giving me that much security I would need to justify an investment of the size I made (in hindsight a bit too much concerning the involving risks which I wasn’t aware at the timing of the investment..!). My general thoughts were like this yesterday: If I unstake now, I’ll probably be able to sell a majority of my investment for

– may be a little loss

– no big gain or loss so far

– may be a little bit more, and would even make some money of it

But for now I’m okay for seeing the first payouts coming as projected, the good plan for the next 11 day period and the already implemented new games which can help to sustain price stability.

Please never bet more than you can afford! This is all not financial advice, but my opinion. You should also never ever listen to what somebody says blindly and do what they tell you – this concerns investing in crpyto currencies, any investments in general and your life – YOU make your own decisions!


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    1. Infosion Post author

      The payout is done daily.
      And I’m pretty sure that they will likely be paid out to your balance in EOSLuckyMe and then added up. So I guess you can claim then all added up later. But for now beacuse this is all so new I would just take it everyday to be safe.
      For example on the Endles Game (another gamblind DApp) you have to claim your dividend after one day or it will go back into the next dividend payout pool.
      Because everything is so new there’s a small chance of some things changing or something else… So to be on the safer side just claim them daily, on some time during that day, if you can for the next 10 days.

        1. Infosion Post author

          Yeah I think so too! The betting size which is going on today is ridiculous small compared to the average amount of money flowing around in the traditional gambling world, huge future potential and allready today one of the first real used stuff on blockchain.
          Nice that I could help 🙂 Stay tuned I’ll do another part of this series the next days

    1. Infosion Post author

      No, it’s definitely not a scam. They proved that they are a legimited project by delivering all of the announced payouts it time so far. The first ones of the 11 payouts were the biggest and every payout gets a little bit smaller.
      The only “problem” with buying some ROLL tokens now and staking them for the payout is rather that after the “big payout days” are over the payouts won’t be that high any more and the price of the token will then probably decline. It’s then a matter of how succesfull they are in future, how they can improve their games and attract new players.
      So if you do invest wisely and maybe think in the longer term, so you don’t need to sell the tokens for losses you may buy and stake now … and always do your own research before investing 😉
      Hope this helps!

        1. Infosion Post author

          For their latest announcements it’s best to directly check their telegram channel:[email protected]
          As far as I understood it: No, there were no dividend payouts on EOSLuckyMe before that. The first dividends (of ~10,000 EOS or more) are splitted up in 11 payouts. One every day for ~1.000 EOS payouts.
          I started claiming my first reward on Nov-23-2018 and could claim my fifth payout today.
          I guess the rewards are cumulative, but I guess it makes more sense to cash them out on a regular daily basis as long as there’s everything so new (Just to be safe..)

            1. Infosion Post author

              Yes, but no matter how hard they try, they will probably not be able to pay out soo high! So most likely you will then get at best like 1% of ROI or something like that. Also the token value is likely to decline after the payouts have finished I think

  1. EOSmastering

    Thanks for this. I was pretty amazed to see they actually implemented AND paid out 😀 So another dividend casino paying out daily. Its going to be so interesting to see the avg daily profits over the next month.

  2. gyzdeobygyge

    I am bit confused. I had staked around 32K roll for more then 24hrs and my expect divided was shown as 0.21EOS per 10K roll. But when I checked by divided today I got only 0.08EOS. How is that possible? I was expecting at-least 0.7EOS.

    What am I missing here?

    1. Infosion Post author

      When I calculate my reward today down to what you get for 1 token it’s also only : 1 : 0,000002736. If you then calculate the expected value for 10,000 tokens form it it`s 10,000 * 0,000002736 = 0,02736 (instead of 0,21). And for 30k its then: 30,000 * 0,000002736 = 0,0821
      So at least there’s nothing wrong at your payout. You got the same rate like I did.
      I gues the projected value of 0,21(or now 0,19) makes sense if you combine all of the 11 payouts together (it was starting at like 0,32). Probably they initially thought that there would only be one payout – then this projection how it is shown there makes more sense …
      Thx for bringing this up! Until now I wasn’t aware that the shown projection is really a little bit confusing!