Today I am talking to Luke Ryan, the community manager of Prospectors – the first REAL MMO (or in fact MMORTS – massive multiplayer online real time strategy game) on EOS and on Blockchain! I personally had so much fun playing this in the beta test, and I cannot wait for it to launch. Unlike other games existing on blockchain so far, this game is an actual game with real graphics and an immersive world where you can cooperate with other players in real time. Send your prospectors out to chop wood or have them dig for coal. Build structures or take on transportation jobs to earn PGL tokens. Join up with friends and create an operation that mines PGL, the native token for

First of all, thank you for taking the time to do this. I know you must be busy creating your game – which by the looks of it is going to be the first real computer game (by my definition) ever built on the blockchain. Could you explain a little bit what the vision behind Prospectors is? How will this game be different from other idle strategy games?

Thank you for saying this! We appreciate your support!

We keep repeating that Prospectors is a unique project, mainly because it’s a first of its kind Massive Multiplayer Online Real-Time Economic Strategy running on the blockchain. So it’s a virtual world which can be real in future. Players, like citizens of the real-world country, can make strategic decisions together. The prices within the game are forming according to the rules of free economics. Besides this, our MMORTES is the first game that rewards players for the time spent in its virtual world.

We love the concept of the Prospectors. The whole game world looks authentic! Also, sometimes the life of a crypto enthusiast looks like the life of these prospectors from the Golden Rush Epoch, isn’t it?


Haha, that is true. There are many similarities of the gold rush and the “crypto rush” of today.  By the way, is the entire game running on the blockchain, or just a part of it, or just the economics/mining PGL part? 

The entire server side of the game is developed on the EOS blockchain. So every user action in the game is on the blockchain.


The game was pretty hard during the beta test, and many found out that they had to form coalitions to be able to have progress. While that was really fun and social, have you take that fact into consideration moving forward and tweaked the game so that it would be easier to go solo? Or maybe plans to implement elements into the game at a later stage (like possibility to hunt game to sell food so that workers can work faster, possibility to farm, grow food, adding other tokens etc?)

Now we are working hard to make the game easier to play, and we’ve reached great results in it. Cooperation and coalitions still are an essential part of the game. However, we want to be sure, that any gamer can move along, evolve and make a profit just by himself.

Concerning additional games, features, and possibilities, which we are going to add in future, they are there for sure, but we are not ready to talk about it in detail. We have a lot of developments and ideas, but the primary goal, for now, is the working project with the basic functionality.


Sounds great. How do you envision the game unfolding after most of the PGL-tokens are mined from the game? Do you consider adding more content to keep PGL in the game?

Yes, of course, we consider adding new activities to make the Game more various and exciting for everyone. Still, it’s the topic of a long perspective.

We have a perfect scaling solution to escape the problem which you mentioned.

The State is the supreme body in Prospectors. All incomes from rent payments and taxes go to State, and after being divided between few funds. One of which is the Fund of New Lots. When this Fund accumulates enough PGL, then smart-contract creates additional lots of the land.

So we do everything that we can to make Prospectors live forever.


I love the recent picture of you guys with cowboy outfits. That was hilarious. But also great to see a non-anonymous team. That really gives confidence. Do you guys have experience or background in gaming?

Yes, some of our team members have been working in the game industry long before we have started The Prospectors. Mostly creating online-games or games for iOS, Android.Our CTO Yaroslav Kihtan was a leading developer of various small and big projects, MMO projects throughout all his career.


Are you considering adding some variability in character customization? Like the ability to play as a female, fat, skinny etc? Also, will there be hangouts in game, like Taverns where people can hang out and perhaps play dice or poker?

Character customization and hangouts in the game are the one points of our long terms plans. Our primary goal, for now, is to finish the working version with all the main features of the game. After we get there, we going to address this topic.


How will you distribute land parcels at the beginning of the game?

We are not going to distribute land lots between the players. Every player has his chance to find the best lot. In the beginning, every player can to explore Prospectors land and find a lot for himself. It’s not so easy to choose, because the player should explore the lot first, to see if there are any resources just after that user sees what underground resources are on this lot. So in the start, the one who gets there first has better chances to discover some excellent lot.


Interesting! So first come first served. I like that. Will players run into issues with RAM or CPU when playing?

We are holding a few negotiations with our partners right now to make it easier for us and users.


One last question – when are you planning to launch the game?

Alpha version should be live in February and Beta in March.


I also want to add that just added staking function to their website. A nice way to earn some extra PGL before the game starts! Prospectors is definitely THE most exciting game being created in crypto right now, and successful or not, I thank the team for taking the chance of being pioneers of blockchain gaming. Regardless of your success, you will inspire others and drive others to compete with you. And I know that the game regardless of small flaws or even big ones, it will be a super fun experience. I had such a great time testing the beta version, and I met a lot of cool people that I cooperated with and hung out with chatting and discussing. This game could drive some serious adoption to EOS.

If you are not all ready in their Telegram chat, join here and make sure you are at the front lines of crypto gaming when it happens. Right now it seems like leading the way.


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