The new 5-color EcoTank, L7160 and L7180 photo printers that are capable of printing photos that last up to 300 years. These include the fastest photo scanner in the world, the FF-680W, and the new 4-color EcoTank printers that address the segment of home users.

Through the EcoTank was introduced a new trend on the market which brought large volumes and low costs to both ordinary users and professionals. The new five-color photo and 300-year-old Claria ink will surely impress on event photos, while the multifunction products in the new range are ready for print needs in any home.

Epson EcoTank L7160 and L7180

The two 3-in-1 models offer a new 5-color continuous ink supply system, suited for both creative and office tasks. The 5-color ink system, specific to these models, includes black photographic ink and a pigment black ink, excellent to print anything from photos, drawings and graphics to documents. Also, the new printers are powered by Claria Premium ink that delivers extended durability of up to 300 years for photo printers. Both models are supplied with sufficient ink to print 1,500 10x15cm photos, and ink supplies can print up to 1,900 10x15cm photos. The models appeal to creative professionals, from advertising agencies and educational institutions, to event photos. The new 5-color ink system is exactly what they are looking for to produce a variety of photos and documents, and the new technical features will ensure easy completion of any task. The EcoTank L7160 can print formats up to A4, and EcoTank L7180 can print up to A3 format.

Epson EcoTank L3110 / 1 and L3150 / 1

These models add improved functionality and a more compact entry-level look. The front ink positioning provides a more elegant look and makes it easy to check the ink level available in the tank. The ink refill system has also been improved to avoid dirt during refilling. In addition, ink supplies are easier to open and use and can only fill the tanks of their color. These 3-in-1 models are delivered with enough ink for three years, allowing users to save up to 90% of printing costs. The L3150 / 1 also has mobile printing features.

FastFoto FF-680W Scanner

The new Epson Photo Scanner is so fast that it can scan a photo per second and allows you to easily scan, retouch and distribute the old print available only in print format. Thanks to its automatic feeding mechanism, the FastFoto FF-680W can scan entire image packs and can be fed up to 30 shots at a time. The device is capable of scanning various shapes and sizes, such as standard, square, panoramic and instant (polaroid), with dimensions from 9 × 13 cm to 21 × 91 cm (panoramic). In addition, the device can recognize when a two-sided scanning of an image is required, and also recognize the hand-added notes on the back of the photos.

File sharing and storage have also been simplified. The software allows to select a file type appropriate to any user’s needs: small, easy-to-upload JPEG photos, or TIFF images for maximum image quality. FastFoto software also allows to share pictures by email, but it can automatically load them into cloud computing, such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

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