Here I am, with another TA . Today I analyze the ETC/USD pair. Market has been extremely boring the past few days with barely any movement. Hopefully we see some more volatility + interest throughout this week!

A weekly candle closed in the price zone of $ 3.9-4. after the sellers tried to break through the price zone for the first time, the volumes were bigger than they are now. Therefore, if buyers keep this price zone this week, I expect growth to reach 7-7.1 $. After the last strong fall from November 7th, in my opinion, buyers have not yet completed the correction. A good signal for growth will be $ 4.3. This is a critical point for sellers. If sellers want to continue falling they should keep this price. Therefore, at the moment we have two critical points (3.9-4 and 4.3 $). It remains to wait where the price will shrink. While sellers are not trying to break through the price zone of $ 3.9-4. It is necessary to wait for volumes. If buyers are able to keep these pricing zones at increased volumes, this will be another sign of the weakness of vendors and the beginning of growth.

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  1. Zeus69

    Cool TA, yeah this market is really depressing atm, lets hold thumbs for some real movement. New money needs to enter to make a turnaround.
    Thanks for sharing your TA, I dont know how you TA guys do it, but always great to read.
    Mark (Zeu69)