I recently found a blockchain-based game that I actually consider fun to play, and that honestly doesn’t need you to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into it to be competitive on it. It’s called Ether Kingdoms and is available on imps.me.

The game essentially has a token in it, called IMP token. It’s based on the Ethereum blockchain but you can use the token to mine more IMPs by getting them into virtual mines. They’ll produce more tokens you can go ahead and sell on crypto exchanges, or that you can use to fight.

The fighting mechanic is pretty basic but makes it kind of fun. There’s a luck element to it but all you need to do to be stronger is use items (ERC721 collectibles you can buy and sell) to make your IMPs stronger, and level up so they have more experience.

It’s important to note that in the future the game will have clans and will allow players to fight in teams, but currently you can fight BOTs that mirror your skills and it will be based on luck, or you can fight other players. Winners capture some of the enemy’s IMPs but both sides get more experience, which then helps you become stronger.


Starting off the game you get 100 IMP tokens you can use to mine and fight. These are testnet tokens used for a tutorial that’ll teach you the game’s basics. They disappear as soon as you reach level 15 and you can do the tutorial in a few hours so no problem.

After the tutorial there are no free tokens, but currently IMP tokens are trading at $0.005 so you can buy 100 tokens without having to invest a sickening amount of money. If you want to do great in the game and become a top player a $50 investment will make it.

Currently the number one player has 25,000 IMP tokens so there-s a bit of a mountain to climb but you won’t face him unless you pay to play an insane amount. Keep in mind this is a game so the point is to have fun.

You can buy IMP tokens on Liveocin, Mercatox, and on ForkDelta. Personally I would advise you to use ForkDelta. Although it’s a lot less liquid, it is a dcentralized exchange so you aren’t really risking having money or info on these platform that may be unsecure.

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  1. PD

    I’ve “played” it for a few months, i.e. logging in with a few days or weeks and seeing how things are, assigning new imps to the mines and sometimes fighting to level up. The game features progress slowly, but steadily and I get the feeling that the devs actually care about it.

    Tip to anyone getting started: you get more production from leveling up a mine and assigning 300 to a single mine than you do assigning 100 imps to 3 mines.

  2. Siddartha

    I tried it 2-3 months back. But I didn’t really like it. You do need to spend money to get enough imps so that you can start playing properly and progressing. Plus the game doesn’t have erc-721 concept, so no collectibles sort of thing. If you are looking for a real game on blockchain, then you should look into Hash Rush.