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The card for the week is the four of cups.  This card depicts either someone noticing a new enticing cup, and ignoring those all around them; or sometimes, it shows someone immersed in the cups around them, and not quite noticing the fancy cup just behind them. Either way it deals with the idea of boredom, and its illusion. It reminds us how every day rolls on sometimes without seeming to change. I wake up, I brush my teeth, and eat my packed lunch, and work out, and watch a show, and then have some tea and finally go to bed. But what lies in between all of those things?


Maybe between brushing your teeth and eating your lunch a co-worker told you about their ailing mother. Maybe between your lunch and working out, you saw a plane crash into a building on TV and life was never the same. Maybe between watching a tv show and tea, your spouse told you something they’ve been hiding from you for years. And maybe between tea and bed, you thought about your life and decided that tomorrow things would all be different.


Every day may seem the same, and every day may hold some gem of truth. How many days do we endlessly repeat, and how many times do we not see that glimmer of wonder, because of the routine? And how many times do we sense something greater, but bury it beneath what we have to do right then? How often do we lift up our heads from the desk and see that bird pecking at the window?


This is a reminder that there is more to everyday than you might expect, and noticing it or not, is something that you need to consider. Or even maybe you are expecting fireworks and glorious sunsets everyday, and anything less is disappointing you. Life is not the pinnacles of glory every day, but neither is it as bland as it might sometimes seem.


In this poem, I have just gone about describing a day at my cottage, and what I may think was sort of run of the mill ends up being much more. What in our life is causing us to be so dismissive, and bored? What event in each day, is casually passing us by unnoticed?


The Four of Cups – January 14, 2019

Photo Credit:  llewellyn


It was just another day of:


Finding desperate mouse pups searching for
the light and the sustenance
only to be thrown unceremoniously
to the woods.


Sweating to the chain saw grind
of a fallen pine
cluttering and invading my property.


Slicing the ice calm mirror of a laughing lake
until the sudden bolt and flash
warns in time of the coming clash
and we are home and settled
before the storm.


Listening to my brothers story
seeing each other in a new way
recalling years and splitting personalities.


Oh, how the mundane

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  1. James Diegel

    Nice work J Bob. Although I know very little of tarot – I find this series quite fascinating. It’s interesting to me to read about the mystical side of things, and I think that personally the messages in the readings are a nice starter voice to make me contemplate what I am experiencing now in the present, those places I have come from, and that place I may be heading. For me though, the best parts of these posts – after reading the representative meaning, then delving into your poetry gives a nice background to what the poem expresses and a clearer insight on what the true meaning behind the words in the poem mean (if that makes sense). Don’t get me wrong as I love poetry in general, but often times it can be a little too busy thinking about what made the poet say this or express that. Here with these, I can just digest the information and realize the motive behind the poem and enjoy it without having to think too deeply about why it is the author is making these comparisons or what the deeper meaning may be – which at times can be refreshing and make it all the more enjoyable 🙂

    1. J Bob @monkeyburp Post author

      Thanks for your extensive and helpful reply. Yes once I started explaining the cards and how they related to the poems, I hoped that the poems would become clearer. The process of writing them is somewhat similar, in that although I have the ideas, and sometimes a point, I never know what will come out in the process. Some things are intentionally ambiguous, or universal, or personal, and it will be interpreted differently depending on the reader. But I’m glad that it helps to have some more background. Thank the editor who said one of my posts was too short… 🙂

    2. Ian Jeffreys @DNAian

      James this is exactly what I was thinking when reading this series! The poems on their own are pretty “deep”, and as the author (@monkeyburp) has said they are based on his experiences and the meaning of the card. But poetry is open to anyone’s interpretation. So, I really enjoy the prelude to the card and poem as it gives the reader some insight of what your mindset was when writing the poem. I think what you are doing @monkeyburp is an excellent project and hope you are able to keep it up! A nice break from the crypto and tech posts which consume a lot of my time!

  2. Zeus69

    What can I say, another great post my friend, I dont have to say much more than what James and Ian had to say, they said it all. Thank you i appreciate your posts and enjoy having another poet on TRYBE to read.
    All the best and keep em coming my friend.
    Mark (Zeus69)