I woke up this morning & fell out of bed …

had a quick look at my Cryptophollio…. with a nice cupa joe.

which i promptly spat all over my computer ….!!!

ALL of my EOS had been un-delegated & was speeding into my wallet at breakneck speed to been scooped up by an unknown entity ETA 3 days ….!!!  I’VE BEEN HACKED ….!!!!!!

“lots of expletives later” i gathered my thoughts… must put a stop to this Nonsense…!!   Canceled Appointments..!!

Battened down the hatches, put my Hacker hunting hat on & set to work stopping the blighter …!!!!!

it turns out that “EXODUS wallet” have decided to automatically un-stake our EOS …. “Lots more Expletives”

This is what they had to say on the matter …!!!

“Hey there, this is Kris from Exodus. I’m sorry for the shock and confusion of your EOS being automatically unstaked when you opened the wallet in Exodus. This is an automatic function built into the wallet activation and it was your keys that were used so you are probably OK,. However you should always use what you feel comfortable with and if using Exodus make you feel uneasy you should not use it.

To the question as to “why”. Most of the holders of EOS in Exodus were casual investors and have no visibility into the EOS Ecosystem other than it was a popular ICO. These people have no idea about DPoS or the fact that almost all their EOS would still be unaccessible even though they have a new wallet. Most were upset about the token freeze in the first place.

We made the decision to auto unstake and honestly did not think about EOS fans who have used a miannnet wallet to manage their stake being upset about that. Our assumption was wrong and I can understand how this transaction caused concern.

At the present time we are seeing many questions about the 72hr wait time to receive their funds as it is. Not everyone has an interest in the technology and by making things easy for newcomers should be the goal of all of us. This is fundamentally what EOS is for in the long run.”

hmmmmmm….. anyone else have a problem with this ….!!!   thoughts below ….

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    1. Phishphood Post author

      kind of ….They supported the Genesis snapshot & Main-net switchover & They support Spend/Receive.. but stuff like voting & staking are not supported and air dropped tokens are not visible.. etc etc ….. basically they act like a normal wallet… convenient eye candy … for all the bells and whistles you need things like “Greymass” “Scatter” etc etc ……..
      It was purely by fluke that i spotted the Un-staking…. and fluke that i Discovered that it was Exodus that instigated this ….. hence the mega phreek-out & subsequent lock-down…. it actually cost me quite a lot in lost time, canceled appointments … etc
      Thanks for the comment ….