Yesterday Steemhunt has new announcement on discord channel about updated of new interface steemhunt website The eye-catching pink color display still dominates, and more lighter in operation also details of explanation.


On the first page when clicking the “learn more“, link will automatically scroll down to several pages, including:


1. Complete understanding of steemhunt, and also information about how many products have been shared since March 2018, the highest reward ever received by a single post, and the average reward given for each post. On that page we can click on the “check out hall of fame” link will be brought to the display of products posted by hunters based on rankings (There are products this week, this month and all times). On this page we can find many products from the largest score to the smallest score.

2. On the next page which is “Dig More Earn More” there will be an explanation of how to contribute to Steemhunt as a hunter and how to be able to get rewards, including:

Discover Cool Products:  Being hunters who post new and cool products such as gadgets, software, apps, innovations, startups, etc.

Upvote and Discuss: Everyone can actively participate in upvoting posts about good products and discuss with hunters in the comments section.

Compete and Earn Rewards: get rewards for HUNT tokens and steem by posting, actively participating in upvoting posts and comments from hunters through the steemhunt website. And also can discuss in the comments column to get the chance to get rewards up to 100 comments every day from Steemhunt.

3. The next page is “Currencies on Steemhunt“. Here it is explained about Crypto Currency to support sustainable economy in the monetary sector, that’s Steem and Hunt Tokens.

Steem is used to rewrite hunters’ posts and comments. Whereas HUNT tokens are used for all contribution activities in the community. This page also provides a further link to learn what Steem is and explanation about HUNT tokens.

4. The last page is “Destination For Product Enthusiast” Directly when we click the “Let’s Hunt Now” link will automatically enter the form to post the product, which includes:

Searching button  functions to check the product we will post has been posted by another hunter or not. Because steemhunt does not accept products that duplicate.

Posting Guidelines: an explanation of the rules for posts in the Steemhunt starting from the types of products, links, languages ​​used, quality post etc.

Product Link Filled with official product link of the product we are posting and of course it must be in accordance with PG 3 rules

Name of Product Filled with the name of the product we will post and must match with PG 5-1

Short Description Filled with product descriptions as attractive as possible to explain the main points of the products that  we’re post.

Image Displays a product screen shot, product image in format jpg or gif is a maximum of 5MB. Image of the product must match PG 5-2, 5-4, 5-5, 5-7.

Hunter Comments Describe product details briefly and clearly with our own sentences in English and may not be plagiarism. More details can see PG 4 rules on Plagiarism and Copyright.

Tag  can be filled with maximum of 5 tags with hastag #steemhunt automatically filled.

Boost Hunt Scroll button that can be activated if you want the rewards from hunting posts to be converted from Steem / SBD to HUNT Tokens with an estimated 1 STU = 19.80 HUNT.

This my second Steemhunt article on trybe today. And hopefully will help for everyone to explore and join on Steemhunt (ranking platform community based Steem dApp for product enthusiasts, sharing about cool product and get rewards)

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