Hello friends. I hope you are all healthy. On this occasion I would like to share a little about Blockchain technology which at first I thought the technology that we just all struggled in was very difficult and complicated. but apparently not if you want to learn and understand it. Of course, we read a lot about the writings of people who are already good at understanding Blockchain technology.

I got to know Blockchain technology in the beginning since I joined paid social media like steemit, and several other social media platforms that were decentralized with Blockchain technology. At first I thought only social media could be decentralized with Blockchain, but it didn’t. Blockchain’s technology is global technology.

It turns out that not only social media data can be stored on the Blockchain. any data can be decentralized or stored on the Blockchain. And an amazing fact, every data from the blockchain is connected to each other where if there is a change in one of the data blocks it will affect the next data.

very different not with the facts now? at this time every data we process is decentralized or only stored in one computer which we usually call a server. The current system has many disadvantages, one of which is data security is not optimal because the data is only in one place where it makes our data can not be validated data. The other is the problem if there is a system failure from the server then it will make the network down if we don’t have a backup, then the data we have is gone.

Yes right, transparent and safe is this technology working system. And I think if the whole world applies this technology system. then corruption will diminish in the realm of government.

Regards, @nawarrado

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