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Ezira is a platform similar to busy.org app of Steem Blockchain. It is a social media network with a lot of other features included in it. It will have a decentralized exchange and a peer to peer marketplace.

Ezira will have three major components:

1. Decentralized Social Media Network: Its main and primary feature is a decentralized social media network which will allow people to post content. The content that gets upvoted will make money. It will be similar to how Steem works.

2. Decentralized Exchange: Ezira will have a DEX build it. That is, an exchange will be included in the main platform where Ezira users will be able to trade all blockchain assets of Ezira network.

3. Peer to Peer Marketplace: Ezira will have a decentralized peer to peer marketplace where people can buy sell things using the Ezira coin. This will allow users to trade different things with each other.

It doesn’t have a real product with the above features yet. So, all the sweet words of the whitepaper doesn’t mean much until we can check and verify them by testing it. Its success will depend on the skill of the team behind it and also public interest in the platform.

The Ezira team doesn’t seem that professional from my perspective. So, I will rate it as a high risk high return coin. This assumption is however not without any basis. Ezira will compete with Steem which has a first mover advantage and over 1 million accounts.

If Ezira wants to overtake Steem, it will have to build a platform better than Steem and onboard many unique users at the same time. This will be very difficult for them. There are also other teams such as ONO which is based on EOS fork is trying to build similar platforms. Ezira will have to compete with those new platforms as well. This is why I think it is a risky investment. But if it succeeds, return will be high as well.

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  1. Phillip

    Ezira has stated previously they do not want to compete with STEEMIT. They are even planning on airdropping to STEEMIT token holders as well as Bitshares token holders. They are trying to build an entire digital economy, which is a little different than Steemit.

    In my opinion, this is a huge project, and I question if the team has the ability to pull it off. They don’t anticipate a project to roll out for a few years, so right now anyone who invests money is having it tied up for a good length of time. I feel the time value of money outweighs the risk of Ezira’s project.
    *Too long of monetary investment before a working project comes out
    *Too big of a project for a small team
    *No major partnerships

    It just seems really risky when there are a ton of solid projects out there.