Facebook arrive with its new Smart device, called Portal: similar to a tablet that you can put in your living room or wherever you want in your home, it has advanced messaging and video calls. The social network of Mark Zuckerberg had announced a boom about the arrival of this product, in fact this arrival has not been very successful because there have been no press events or special promotions about it.

It should have been launched long time ago, but after the Cambridge Analytica scandal of 2016, concerning the unfair use of an huge amount of data taken from Facebook (at least 50 million users) and sold for consulting and for online marketing, precisely to Cambridge Analytica, the company preferred to wait for better times to present their new device.


In practice it is nothing else than a tablet with a built-in microphone, camera and speaker, which you can always leave on, placing it on a piece of furniture in your own home, just like an ornament, is equipped with a high-definition camera, which recognizes the faces of their interlocutors and follows them when they move into the room they are in, so as not to let them end up out of the frame. Its function is to keep in touch FB users through calls and video calls, the digital assistant Amazon Alexa will help to process the interactions with your friends through voice commands, the software will be customized by Facebook, you can also listen to music via Spotify, view photos and videos.

The available models are two:

– The first one has a 10.5-inch screen (1280 × 800 pixel resolution), price $ 199.

– The second called Portal+, has a 15.6-inch full hd display and has also upright position,  price $ 349.


In Europe it is not yet available and to be honest with you I’m not really interested in owning one, I find the news certainly worthy of note, like everything that happens around the world FB that usually manages to create a great clamor, but honestly I’ve never been a lover of a social network that I find quite useless, because poor of high-level content, and I use use it too much, just to sponsor my band, since is used by people of all ages, or keep in touch with some longtime friends who only know that one.

Imagining then to have a device with camera and microphone always on and connected to FB 24/7, that even follows you, does not seem a great idea to me and I would have a lot of embarrassment in having it at home, in addition to not finding this idea so revolutionary and above all very useful, then add the price not really cheap… in my opinion the most famous social network of the world has failed again.


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  1. Workin2005

    With all the bad press recently…especially the hacking of so many users personal data, this doesn’t seem like a wise move. You have to wonder what FB was thinking releasing a product that watches, listens and follows users around their home. The lack of self-awareness is astonishing. Anyway…great post @dexpartacus…thanks!